张威 Andrew  Zhang: 家是永恒的家, 美术, 学生, Irvine Mission, 音乐, 传教士, 後期聖徒.

你好,我是张威 Andrew Zhang


我从小在四川长大,[中国制造]喜欢涂鸦,创意,唱歌,动漫,炒菜,打篮球,游泳,旅游,还有吃辣椒。 现在在美国加利福尼亚州欧文作全部时间传教士,等待召唤之前做过KFC服务小生,卖过房子,做过健身教练。 I grew up in Sichuan grew up [made in China]. I like doodling, being creative, singing, anime, cooking, playing basketball, swimming, traveling, and eating peppers. Before coming to Irvine, California as a full-time missionary, I was a waiter at KFC, I sold houses, and was a fitness coach.


很幸运,我是在中国大陆——这个没有圣殿没有教堂没有传教士的环境下认识并加入的这个教会。初闻有关于福音及教会的信息是一次偶然的闲谈中我母亲的一位朋友提到的,因为她的邀请和对她们拥有的美好和谐家庭的好奇,我们将信将疑的去参加了圣餐聚会,第一次去教会就有一种回家的感觉,尽管聚会的地方只是一个100多平米的房间,没有电影中的华灯穹顶,但是在这简陋的小屋里,每一个人脸上都洋溢着轻松、满足。 圣餐聚会每一个人都会有机会站上讲台分享对天父的见证,彼此之间无论年龄大小也以弟兄姐妹相称,并且彼此服务宛若家人,因为他们相信摩尔门经中神所说的——你们若是将服务做到你们弟兄之中最小的一个身上,就是做在我身上了。 我很快爱上了这种纯净的感觉,这是在俗世的生活中从未有过的。 之后我母亲就和我先后的接受了洗礼,做出了一个永恒的选择。 In China - there is no temple, no church, and no missionaries to help people join the church. I heard about the Church and Gospel because of a casual conversation that my mother had with her friend, because her invitation and for them to have a beautiful family harmony. Curious, skeptical we went to sacrament meeting, we went to church for the first time, and felt feeling like we were home. We met in a room no more than 100 square meters, it had no over head lighting. But we met in this shabby little house, every individual face was relaxed. At Sacrament meeting everyone had the opportunity to stand at the podium to share their testimony about Heavenly Father, but also with each other regardless of age commensurate with brothers and sisters, and service each other like a family. Because the Book of Mormon God said - If you will serve you among the youngest brother, is doing to me. I quickly fell in love with this pure feeling, which I had never felt in my entire life. After my mother and I made a timeless choice of accepting baptism.


加入教会半年后就收到了一个福音班教师的指派,我实在觉得我没有那个能力胜任这个这项工作,我甚至连讲话都讲不清楚,更别说是教导别人了,在我和分会会长商量我的指派一事时,他建议我去阅读摩尔门经从中寻找神的答案。当我读到尼腓一书3章第7节的之后,我毫不犹豫的服从了这个指派,因为经文中说道——我会去做主所命令的事,因为我知道主决不命令人类儿女去做任何事情,除非为他们预备道路,来完成它所命令的事——我知道了当我的任务是来自于神的时候,就不要迟疑,只管去做,他已经为我们做好了计划或预备了道路,我们一定会从他所预备的道当中获得祝福。 Six months after joining the church I received a calling as a Gospel Teacher. I really felt that I was not capable of doing this job. I can not even speak clearly, let alone teach others. I met with my Branch President, he suggested that I read the Book of Mormon and find my own answers from God. When I read 1 Nephi 3, verse 7, I did not hesitate to listen to the words of Nephi, because the Scripture says - And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them. - I know when my task is from God, I do not hesitate, I just do it, he has good plans for us and prepared the way. We will get blessings from the road which he has prepared.