彥鋒: 學生, 運動, 攝影, 旅行, 食物, 影視, 後期聖徒.



I am an university student now. I like sports and I was in my running school team in high school. I love practice 4X100 meters relay with my teammates. I would never forget the feeling during the games.


Even though I have been taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ when I was young, I did found out if the church is true or not. I know that God is a fair God; therefore, everyone need to find out your own answer from God. No matter I am a member since I was young or not, I still need to find out by myself. I know the church is true and it will bring true happiness to me.



我知道幸福計畫能使家庭永遠在一起, 讓我在生活中選擇以家庭為先的次序, 令我找到平安, 安慰和快樂


I had some different callings in church throughout my life. I love working with teenagers and children. I coordinated sport night and activities for teenagers, I taught aged 8 to 11 children in church about how to become a good child at home and in school. I also organized activities for youth to help them developed different kind of abilities.