Gerald: Mormon.

Hi ako si Gerald

Tungkol sa Akin

i like playing any kind of sports. I like playing music and musical instruments. I'm a college student..and i'm interested of learning and trying new things..

Bakit Mormon Ako

I'm a Mormon because i know this is the true church of God and because of the church im happy of my simple life because i know after this life i can live in the mansion of the Father in Heaven if i will endure to the end.I love being a mormon..

Personal na mga Kuwento

Bakit nagmimisyon ang mga Mormon?

Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be teach to all the people in the world..

Paano ko ipinamumuhay ang aking pananampalataya

I live the Gospel and i'm sharing it to other people through showing good example and helping them of the things i can to show how i love them.