Joshua Bulanon: Mormon.

Hi ako si Joshua Bulanon

Tungkol sa Akin

I am serving mission right now of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint . I am so happy to serve other and to help them to go back heavenly father presence. And specially to share about the restoration of the gospel .

Bakit Mormon Ako

Us being mormon is to be a good example to other, because being a mormon if you do good example to other you can invite them to go the church . I believe that say member of the mormon is a mirror to others. I know this church is true, i am so grateful for the gospel that i have receive in my life because of this gospel i change my life, you know brother and sister you can enjoy the blessing that you receive if you can continue to live this gospel. I know the book of mormon their a lot people change their hearts .

Paano ko ipinamumuhay ang aking pananampalataya

To still my faith strong by reading the the scriptures, and help other. and also to the church every sunday.