Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

  • If you had the cure for cancer and you had a family member or friend that had cancer, would you share the cure with them or just sit back and hope they figure it out? I have the precious knowledge that God is real and He loves us. I have access to an amazing organization that teaches us how to live according to Jesus Christ's teachings. I know that living the way the LDS church teaches leads to an amazing life. You will be happy. You will have support. You will have peace in your soul with this knowledge. Why wouldn't I share that with everyone? I love this church! I can't even describe the joy I have because of this knowledge. I have trials and hard times. My life is not perfect. But I can handle any trial that comes my way because God is with me and He can help me through anything. I want everyone to feel the way I do. I want everyone to know that you are not alone, God can be with you. He can guide you and comfort you. You just need to know the truth and have faith. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the truth. Ask your questions and we will give you answers. Ask God through prayer and He will give you answers. Show more

  • I love sharing the gospel with my friends, because i care for them i would do anything to help them and want the best for them. It is simple and easy to do, invite them to activities, share things that i believe and that are important to me. Just being a true friend is the key, because you get to have great and fun experiences with each other. And you get to look back and remeber all the great times you had. Show more

  • Sometimes it is really hard to share the gospel with my friends. It is something I hold very precious to me, and I do not want to be offended by what some people have to say. I then have to remind myself that its not about me, and that if I find it so precious, why would I not want to share it with others? Why would I not want them to have the happiness that I have received from Christ and His Atonement? I have to remember that my friends are also children of God. I have to remember that this isn't about my feelings, but it is about the happiness and peace that the gospel brings. So when I do share the gospel with my friends, I try to keep in mind who they are, and how Heavenly Father sees them. Instead of coercing or manipulating them into what I believe in, I try to remember that they are my friends, and I keep in mind how much I love them. I share my beliefs with them, and if they don't accept it, I move on and keep on loving them :) Show more

  • When a person gains something that they have been wanting for what seems a lifetime you want to tell everyone. When something amazing happens you want to spread your joy. The gospel is like that in my life. It is my joy. It is my happiness. I want everyone to know that I'm a Mormon. I want people to know that I am there for them to ask questions. In this day and age technology has made sharing the gospel more widespread. I share the gospel by posting links to news articles about members of my church. I also use social media to spread the gospel by sharing my testimony with my friends and family. Social media allows you to start a discussion you may not feel comfortable starting in a face to face conversation. I also spread the gospel with my interactions with people. I just try to be the very best me that I can be. I am honest with people. I don't steal from people. I am happy. I try to be an example and a light so people who see or meet me seek out my source of happiness. Show more

  • I share all the good things that happen to me with my friends. Most of that happiness comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It follows naturally that I share that Gospel with them. Show more

  • I share the gospel with my friends because there are worthy things that they deserve to be exposed to. I'm not at all confrontational or even particularly assertive with my beliefs. The most important things, for me, are for people to know that I'm a Mormon, to know that I take the gospel seriously, and to feel like they're in a position to get honest answers if they ask me a question about the Church. So, I share Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Mormon Messages videos on Facebook. I "check in" on Foursquare and Facebook Places every time I go to a church event or service. I retweet quotations from church leaders. I let people know that I'm taking a vacation to go to Utah, rather than just vaguely disappearing. If someone says something about a church issue, I speak up. It's not hard, it's not pushy, and I know for sure that if someone wants to know more, they know they can ask me. Show more

  • I share the gospel with my friends simply because I love it. I share it by texting them scriptures, sending them links to videos on, and sometimes if they're ever in a moment of weakness or yearn to have a desire about God, I share my testimony. It's so important that as members, we do the best we can to serve others and share the gospel. Just because some of us don't have a badge on doesn't mean we can't share the truth. One thing I learned at stake conference from Elder Anderson's talk was what we're apart of hastening The Lord's work but we mustn't feel anxiety from it, The Lord will hasten it in his own time. Show more

  • I share the gospel because I have seen it help me in my life and I know it will help them if they let it. I share this gospel through serving a honorable full time mission Show more

  • I share the gospel with my friends because I know it can benefit thier lives like it does mine. My non-member friends have asked me several times what I believe, why, or how can I know too. A good thing to do is share a missionary moment with them; the best idea i think is take them to church and have missionary discussions with them. Also, bear your testimony frequently and show them you care and truely love them. It's difficult sharing the gospel because we are scared that we will offend someone or feel ridiculous. But we will never know and they won't get the chance to find out for themselves if we don't try. Always have faith and stand strong against opposition. Show more

  • I heard this analogy when I was a kid, and it has stuck with me my entire life: Pretend you have a nice, cold pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice sitting on your table between you and your friend. You pour yourself a glass and take several refreshing gulps. You continue to consume the entire pitcher as your friend stares on, dumbfounded. "Why didn't you share any of that with me?" your friend asks. "Well," you answer "I didn't want to offend you by offering some of it, in case you didn't like orange juice." When I share the gospel, I do it with the sincerity of a true believer. The gospel has made my life absolutely wonderful. It has lifted me up, given me peace, purpose and hope. Why on earth wouldn't I share it with my friends? Am I pushy about it? No way. But I am not ashamed or shy. I love the gospel and I want to share it! I pray regularly to my Heavenly Father to help me find a time when I may share the gospel to one who may have an open heart. I won't chase you down, but if I feel inspired, I will share my beliefs. I try to keep people's own beliefs and feelings in mind when I share the gospel. I like to find common ground, a kernel of truth we both believe in and build on that. I do all of my missionary work with the other person in mind and with a prayer in my heart. Show more

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