Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

  • I believe that he Atonement exceeded all other powers known to man. The combined power of all of man’s bombs, the thundering lightning claps, the earthquakes and tsunamis are indeed powerful. It is my belief, though, that all of these combined powers do not come even remotely come close to the power that was deployed at the time of the Atonement. What Christ drew upon to bring about the Atonement is incomprehensible to me. The power to Atone, for all of mankind, over all time, on behalf of all of His creations, over all sorrow, sin, etc… over all creations… Basically an infinite power must have been deployed to accomplish such a task. This recognition of His great power provides me with confidence in Him and trust in His teachings and example. Show more

  • The Savior taught to forgive, to love one another and to forgive. For a long time that was a challenge for me. I grew up in a very abusive home. My parents neglected me, disciplined cruelly. I also dealt with sexual abuse and the drug and alcohol abuse of my parents. Although my father was eventually convicted of his crimes, it was hard for me to forgive my father and mother. They left so many scars in my life. I had so many memories I was sure would never heal. But what did Jesus Christ do for those who hurt Him? He prayed for them. He loved them. He taught to forgive. To love. Even on the cross He prayed for those who caused Him the most pain. It was a long process, but over time I was able to cast aside the anger, relying on the healing power of Jesus Christ to mend my wounds and turn my anger to peace. I eventually came to realize that I could let my past experiences break me, or I could use those experiences to strengthen others. I chose to let go of anger and move on, forgiving my father and helping others who are now where I escaped. Show more

  •  One of my favorite teachings from the Savior is the story about the 10 lepers. To summarize, Jesus heals 10 lepers, or men with leperousy, a terrible disease that causes the skin to rot. After healing the 10 men, all but one run to the village to be reunited with their families. One single man remains, falls to his kness at Jesus' feet, and thanks Him. I marvel that only one remembered to be grateful! This story touches me, and reminds me that I need to recognize what the Lord has done in my life, for me. I try to focus on gratitude, and always thank the Lord for the blessings that I receive. In my opinion, the worst thing we can do is overlook our Savior. So lets all be like the one instead of the nine, and let us thank or Savior for His many blessings. Show more

  • Last night my family and I read in St. Luke, chapter 14, verses 1-11. I am amazed that the Son of God consistently reminds us to be humble. While I try and teach my children principles from the life of Christ, I think I end up benefitting more from our simple discussions. Show more

  • One of my most favorite teaching of the Savior Jesus Christ is service. It almost seems selfish because service makes everyone feel so good! You can almost feel the powerful smile of the Savior when you do something good to help someone else. The Lord taught that when we are serving others we are serving Him. Putting ourselves second and others first is a wonderful teaching we can accomplish each day. There are so many oppotunities around us every second of every day where someone stands in need of some help. Even simply picking up a piece of trash up off of the ground, doing the dishes for mom, helping grandma water the flowers, or assisting little siblings with homework are acts of kindness and service. They do not have to be huge acts. Bigger opportunities to serve definitely come up throughout our life and we should all be ready to act and lift one another up. The Savior promises us blessings when we love and serve one another. Show more

  • In the Garden of Gethsemane Christ suffered for every one of our sins. This has made a huge impact in my life because I mess up quite a bit. My senior year of high school I began dating a guy who I knew wasn't the best guy around. Before I knew it I was getting in over my head, and I didn't know how to stop what was happening. Because of what happened I felt horrible. I felt like there was no way to go on another day. I felt miserable in my own body. But through that sacrifice, the Atonement, I was able to be forgiven of what I had done. I still knew what I did was wrong, but I knew that I could move forward with my life as long as I didn't do it again. The Atonement not only allows us to be forgive by others, but it allows us to forgive others, as well as ourselves. That is one of the hardest things to do, forgiving others and yourself, but I know without a fraction of the doubt that our brother, Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy, and if we are truly searching for that happiness then He will grant us that wish.   Show more

  • Something I have learned in life is that it is all about progression. Whether I am in the backcountry on a powder day, or dropping into a jump line on a bike I love the adrenaline rush it brings me. I feel that skiing and biking are closely related to life, sometimes you are scared and nervous but you push forward and overcome it. When you come out on top of it, the feeling of overcoming your trials and obstacles is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced. In order to continue these feelings you must continue to progress and keep pushing forward. With the gospel if we stay idle and don't continue to progress then we will fall away. Show more

  • The Savior teaches us to withhold judgement. Almost all of his acts of service during his mortal life were to the derelict and undesirable members of society. Growing up, it was hard to be nonjudgmental when someone annoyed me, or didn't conform to what I thought was stylish, entertaining, or important. One of the ironic results of this mindset is that we lose self-respect quickly, become embarrassed often, and find ourselves without true friends. The best relationships are those that we have to work for. Both parties see the other as the reward of an effort of compromise, love, and patience. Everyone is a child of God, and it is up to us to search, discern, and magnify the divinity in each member of our amazing and diverse family. Show more

  • One of the Saviors teachings that has really just stuck with me, Well I think its his example at all times thorughout all the scriptures. Chirst was never treated or acted like . . . well the almighty Son of the living God. He was never placed upon a throne of gold and diamonds to have people come and bow down before him and worship him. Rather Jesus Christ was amoungst the sick, the afflicted, the sinners, and the people who really needed him. His apostles were humbled fishermen, not wise Pharisees. He surrounded himselt not in the riches of the world, but with people who really needed his help. His examples were so powerfully placed that we in the these days are still carefully studying and trying to apply them to our lives. When we have studied some of his teaching; we will be able to see the world in a new light. Now that I have dedicated myself more to study about him, I personally see people differently than I had before. I see them not for who they are or what they do or are doing. Moreover I am beiginning to see them for the eternal potential that they have. Show more

  • The teachings of Jesus Christ consistently demonstrate the idea of "becoming" something rather than just doing things you can check off. He is also the perfect example of loving and understanding people while being firm in his mission and beliefs. As a result, I feel like His example is there in the back of my mind constantly. It makes me think before I speak - is what I'm about to say helpful or just prideful? It makes me think more deeply about others - What would be the best thing I can do for this person? His life of service and teaching makes me even reconsider what I do with my time - am I being productive or wasting my precious days? And the way He could understand people helps me be more sensitive to others' individual struggles and motivations. I can't count how many times I've been urged inside to get up and go help someone or change something in my life when it was inconvenient for me to do so. But knowing that it is what He would do makes it easy to do hard things. Christ - His example and His spirit - moves men and women to do important things we might not otherwise do. Christ's example also gives me strength when I find my beliefs challenged or mocked. He too stood for unpopular ideas and paid the ultimate price. His mission wasn't popularity, it was truth. His words are a moral and very real foundation in a rapidly shifting world where values are in constant flux and people are seeking for meaning in their lives. Show more

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