How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

  • Everything that is good come from God, this biblical phrase help us understand that God is a good God. He wants what is best for us, this is why he blesses us with the influence of the Holy Spirit. God asks us to live worthy of the influence of that Spirit, by doing so the Holy Spirit will help us make good choices. Whenever we choose to listen to the promptings of the Spirit, we will choose the right, and we will be more and more sensitive to his voice. It is not a loud voice, it is a still small voice, that tells us what is right. And whenever we choose not o listen or obey his promptings we became less sensitive to it's promptings and then we make wrong choices. So doing right choices will help you become more and more sensitive to the Spirit, and will help you make more right choices. Show more

  • Spirituality is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it becomes. So when we make right choices our spiritual strength increases and we're even more able to make more right choices. Show more

  • I believe the first step is the hardest. To walk away from a bad habit, to remove yourself from a bad situation, to make a change for the better is always hard. For many years I was not attending church and making choices inconsistent with gospel teachings. The first time back to church was the hardest. I felt that I was unworthy, unwanted. But that first Sunday back, I was welcomed by people I had never met. People seemed glad to see me and wanted me to return. As I began to associate with more righteous people it was easy to leave unrighteous habits behind. As I focused on my Heavenly Father and His love for me, I shed the feelings of unworthiness. I remembered that He loved me. Show more

  • Making the right choices is never easy, but doing the right thing becomes as natural as breathing the more you do it. All of a sudden you will wake up and realize your life has changed for the better and you make choices naturally that once you had to thnk about. Like the flywheel effect, the more choices you make that are right the easier it becomes until the right choices come as natural as breathing. Show more

  • There are times when the Lord talks about people "proving" him, like in Malachi. He invites us to try His commandments to know if they are sure and true. Every time I have done this, it strengthens my trust in Him and helps me feel more confident and secure in following more commandments. I have never regretted keeping one of His commandments, but I have always regretted failing to keep one. Show more

  • Heavenly Father's laws are unchanging. He gives us commandments to test our devotion to him and to one another, to protect us from destructive influences that will bring us sorrow and to provide a path to follow to fulfill our potential as His children. All choices have consequences, either for good or for ill. This is part of God's justice. Choices we make that are consistent with God's commandments cause our souls to develop in a way that increases our capacity to draw nearer to God and to become more receptive to His influence and guidance. This increased capacity to receive spiritual direction enhances our decision-making abilities. Additionally, the more we make choices that are consistent with God's plan for us, the more we expand our future opportunities and choices. For example, as a young man, I was counseled by church leaders to get an education. Following that counsel caused me to engage in a process that was worthwhile but often difficult for me and required much assistance from the Lord. This process strengthened my ability to pray and to appreciate what the Lord did to assist me. The outward benefit is that I have a productive career doing something that I enjoy but, most importantly, allows me to provide for my family. Show more

  • Doctrine and Covenants 50:24 "That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day." That's the simplest way I can describe it. The more right choices you make, the more light you will receive in your life. The more light you receive, the easier it will be to make better choices. It's how God blesses us. When we obey him we are given blessings, so to show our gratitude for those blessings we seek to do more and obey him more fully. So he in turn gives us even more blessings. It's a cycle! A cycle of light and goodness. So do right. It'll get easier. Show more

  • When we frequently are doing what is right, the spirit will dwell with us in our daily lives and make us strong against temptations. This will strengthen us, and make it easier for us to say no to the things around us that are wrong. In the bible, book of Matthew, there is the story of the ten virgins who were waiting for the bridegroom one night. Five brought extra oil for their lamps, while the other five did not. After waiting for many hours, the five without extra oil had run out and cried out for help. Every time we choose the right, and live righteously, it's like adding an extra drop of oil to our lamps. Each drop makes us more prepared and stronger so that we won't be in the dark and will know the way. We won't make wrong decisions because we will know without a doubt what is right, because we will constantly have God's light in our lives! :) Show more

  • Submitting our will with the Lords will was always something that had bothered and confused me. I didn’t understand why we would want to "give up our agency". However since coming out on a mission I have learned what that really means. When I make right choices, it helps me to feel good. The Spirit of God is felt, and the joy is something that cannot be described. Like everything else that is good, we yearn to have this feeling more and more throughout our lifetime! Thus leading us to make more and more good choices. Our agency is not taken away, but rather, we choose to do what we know to be right, because we want to enjoy the rewards of doing such things. Eventually we will get to the point of continually WANTING to do the things that are right. I remember growing up I had the opportunity to help my Grandfather dig post holes, and put in a new fence. While the choice to dig the holes was very hard at first, I continued on. The posts began to be put up, and the fence began to take shape. The choice that I had made to dig these holes began to yield success as I saw this new fence appear from the ground up. The sight was very satisfying, and I continued to dig the holes. This time out of a desire to continue seeing this wonderful success. While at first the holes seemed to be such a burden, and a waste of time. Seeing the results and how well this was beginning to turn out, caused me to make the choice to continue on. Once all the post holes had been dug, and the fence neatly created, there was a sense of satisfaction that had overcome me. Like digging these holes, good choices may seem silly, and tough to do. But in the end as we begin to see the results, we will feel a strong desire to continue on to "dig more holes" or to make more good choices! Show more

  • Mormons often get asked if it's hard to follow all the "rules" we have. But I have to say that it's incredible how much easier it really is to make the right choices than to make wrong choices. I think the main reason why is because God wants us to be happy. He only commands us to do that which will bring us happiness and joy. In the moment it might seem harder to walk out of an inappropriate movie or to stand up for something we know is right, but it is so worth it. When we make the right choices, the Lord promises us peace--not as the world giveth, but as He gives John 1427, Bible. When we have that peace, we can feel the Holy Ghost, who helps us resist temptation and keep what's most important in focus. Really, choosing the right actually liberates you and makes you more free. When I got my first job at age 15 I decided that I would keep the Sabbath Day holy by not working on Sundays. In order to keep my commitment I had to use all of my days off for Sundays and find people to trade shifts with me. I basically had no other days off for the whole summer, and a lot of my coworkers thought I was odd, but choosing not to work Sundays allowed me to make the choice to go to church every week. Choosing to go to church allowed me take the sacrament each week. Choosing to take the sacrament helped me feel clean and strengthened my testimony of my Savior. This allowed me to make the choice to go to the temple later on. Going to the temple helped me choose to be sealed to my husband when we were married. Each good choice helps you choose to do more good and wonderful things that bring so much happiness. Show more

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