How I live my faith

  • I strive to live my life in accordance to our Savior Jesus Christ. Just as Christ teaches us in in Luke 9:23 if we believe in Christ we should "deny ourselves and take up his cross daily, and follow him" I believe that faith is without a doubt is an action word. We all have a knowledge of Gods infinite love for each of us, but I think the key to living our faith is showing our love back towards God in the charity we have to everyone around us. I know that I am not perfect and that I fall short every single day, but I know I can be perfected through Christ. And this knowledge is what keeps me continually hopeful in the world we live in today. The little things such as personal prayer, scripture study, church attendance, have set the foundation to the life I live and the person I will be for eternity. Show more

  • Faith is like a little seed, if planted, it will grow! How do I live my faith? As best I can. I feel like I make mistakes and mess up all the time, but I do try to be good. To follow Christ, to be like Him... I can definitely say I try. Every day. I want to be like Him because He is very kind to me and everyone I know, and I want to be that type of person too. I'm grateful for Christ's good example I want to be a good example too "One of the greatest blessings of life and eternity is to be counted as one of the devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ." -James E. Faust This is important to me. Is it important to you? Show more

  • I live my faith by doing those things which Jesus Christ would want me to do if He were to walk beside me. As is said many times in the scriptures, keeping the commandments of God is vital to our earthly life, as well as reading the scriptures, prayer, and attending church. These things draw me closer to Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ, and in turn I try to be a better servant to them. By trying to be like my Savior, I have learned that life isn't just about me, it's about those around me as well. Service is an important aspect in my life, and I've learned that when I help others, I feel better about myself. I know this Gospel is true, and desire to share it with all people. This is the reason why I am in Denmark, is to bring others unto Christ. As is said in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 2:17, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Show more

  • In whatever capacity we teach, lead, speak, or work, everyone's efforts in the church are important. And I know that when we are called to a task in which we feel inadequate, if we are faithful and try our best the Lord blesses us with the abilities we need to do His work. The Church's purpose isn't to shelter perfect people. It's to help imperfect people like me grow closer to God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love the story of the diseased woman who knew if she touched Christ's garment, she could be made whole (Luke 8:43-48). I believe it's important for me to attend church, study the scriptures, pray daily, and discover what God wants me to do with the gifts he has given me. We may not be able to physically touch Christ's garment today, but we can open up our souls to Him and allow Him to touch our hearts so that we can be healed of the sins and infirmities of our day. I live my faith by simply doing the best I know how, giving my best efforts, and praying that the Lord will make up for what I cannot do -- or those things I don't do well enough. Show more

  • Every day, I get up at five a.m. to attend Seminary with other committed teenagers who share my beliefs. While there, I learn about our Savior and the sacrifice he made for us. I learn about the prophets of old and their testimonies. I also attend church every Sunday, where I bless the Sacrament. Aside from my daily or weekly routines, I must always try to be as like my Savior as possible. I fail every day in something. But that's alright, because I can always get back up and try again, because of His atonement. The point is to learn every day, and become more perfect. Show more

  • I said I used to be shy. Growing up I would share my faith by trying to be a good example to others. I found that more than what we say is what we do and people do watch our actions. I get strength from reading the scriptures. There is power in the Book of Mormon and I love reading it everyday. I know that God communicates with me daily as I read his word and pray for strength. I attend church each week and try my best to fulfill my church callings. I am no where near perfect, but living righteously makes me happy and I want others to have the same happiness in their lives. As I said, I also served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I fulfilled this call from the Lord by teaching people why I am a Mormon and how they can come closer to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Show more

  • I love to volunteer my time, and have chosen to volunteer with places such as hospitals & crisis centers, & foundations such as Camp Kesem, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Make-A-Wish Foundation, & Habitat For Humanity. In the church I have served as a counselor/teacher in the class specifically designed for women, and also as a ward missionary to reach out to those who may not have the knowledge of the gospel that I do, or to those who could use a friend! Show more

  • "...when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." -Mosiah 2:17 Each of us is blessed with different gifts, talents and abilities and we are able to use those to make the world a better place one smile at a time. I am blessed with a desire to help others. I have the opportunity to do this on a daily basis professionally and privately. This helps me to draw closer to my Heavenly Father by following the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Show more

  • I try to live my faith by doing what I have been taught through out my life. I was born into a family with loving parents and two brothers and two sisters. One sister had passed away as an infant before I was born. My parents and good leaders who became my friends taught me how to live my faith. I would rather just go and live my faith by doing something for someone rather than talk about doing it. Ministering rather than Administering. I get great joy our of my life by trying to serve others. I would rather help someone else fix there broken house then work on my own. I think most people are that way. It's always funner to work on someone else's home than your own. So that is what I try to do. Recently I heard someone talk about President Thomas S. Monson's personal life. What I took away from that talk was that he tried to listen to the Holy Ghost guide him. And when he had an impression to stop and talk or make a visit to someone. He didn't hesitate. He immediately went and did what his feelings impressed him to do. I hope to some day perfect that same way of life. Currently I am serving as the Young Mens' President in our local ward. I know that calling won't last forever and so we are trying to do our best every week. We meet on Sunday's and teach lessons and meet on Wednesday's for activities. I am very blessed to have some of the best adult leaders serving along side with me. Hopefully we will make a difference in someones life. Show more

  • I have tried with all my heart to live my religion. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ and I seek to keep the commandments. I have served in my community giving service to the homeless and poor for over 8 years. I was a volunteer teacher at BYU for12 years and then later for part-time for 7 more years. With my sweetheart we served as mission presidents in England and in Provo Utah where we train our members on how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring joy into the lives of our brothers and sisters. I also taught the older missionaries (mature singles and couples) in this same training center for 10 years. We served together on shorter volunteer and mission experience in Nauvoo and Hawaii. We served a full time mission (18months) in New York at the historical sites. We have served in all the community organizations from the Chamber of Commerce, cancer drives, heart drives, scouts, and many more. I have served as a seminary teacher for 5 years, a Bishop twice, a Stake president and numerous ward and stake callings and have loved serving. You see the Church is how we live to serve. We joy in serving. Serving brings us happiness. We love visiting our members living nearby but are often called to serve far from our home. We are now serving as the president and matron of the Manti Temple. It is a House of the Lord. This is where we can receive if worthy the blessings that can lead to all the our Heavenly Father wants to bestow upon us. It is glorious and beautiful. My wife Patricia was in the general presidencies of the Young Women of the Church and General President of the primary where she served full-time for 8 years. We invite you to come and partake of the blessings of the Lord. We, like you, only seek to bring joy and happiness to others through our Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you in all things. Your friends and servants, Ed and Patricia Pinegar Show more

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