How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

  • To read and pray daily with our family, remove anything unclean, anything that may cause temptation. I believe that watching explicit films and listening to explicit music can push away the holy ghost. Show more

  • Having raised 8 children I have learned a lot about how to have greater harmony in our homes. First, make sure that you love your spouse and show it in the home. Second, teach of Jesus Christ and show your love and appreciation for Him. Third, read the scriptures and pray as a family every day. Forth, attend all your church meetings and serve faithfully in your church callings. Fifth, teach your children about choices and consequences. Make sure that they understand the difference between guessing and choosing. Choosing involves knowledge where guessing does not. Give them knowledge of options and their consequences. Sixth, give time to the family in general as well as special time to each individual in the family. Seventh, don't be selfish. Love as Jesus loves. Eighth, express your love in word and deed, consistently. One can't go too far wrong if ones does these 8 things. Show more

  • First I want to be the first one to admit that my home is never perfectly harmonious, but i can feel the difference when I am doing certain things in my live and in the life of my family. I know that when I am reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, listening to uplifting music, attending my church meetings and meeting the challenges of my callings in the church, I keep myself distracted from so many things going on in the world and when my family is doing the same, the spirit is so much better in our home. We tend to have more patience with each other, and the fighting goes down considerably. My children argue less with me and with each other. The air is just lighter. When we work together, we actually have fun. It doesn't seem to be such a chore. I love it when I can live closer to my Father in Heaven. It improves everything around me and not just in my home. Show more

  • As we all strive to draw closer to our loving Heavenly Father, we all become closer to each other. The Gospel is said to bless families. It truly does. As a Father and Mother strive to follow the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ, their examples will carry to the kids. We must read the scriptures daily as a family, discussing them, and applying them to our family life. We must learn to pray with each other more often then we do. Going to church will strengthen us as well. Again as we do those things, we draw closer to God, and as that happens it is a natural happening for us to love and grow closer together. Show more

  • When I wake up each morning and start my day with a heartfelt prayer to our Father in Heaven asking for guidance of how to serve my family and others, to feel His love so I can share that love with others, and for patience with my 4 boys, that helps me bring harmony into my home. After that prayer, if I read the scriptures, it is like being spiritually nourished so I can get through my day. Show more

  • The three basic rules must be: Staying clean (use proper language, dress yourself well), Staying just (be a role model for your children, be a good wife or husband or child), Staying alive (don't write yourself down in life and live life in the fullest extent with Jesus Christ). Show more

  • There are many ways in which we can keep harmony in our homes such as daily prayers, both as a family unit and as individuals, daily scripture study and by loving one another. If we invite Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ into our homes and our lives by living a modest and chaste lifestyle, then we will find our homes filled with harmony. Show more

  • Haciendo noches de hogar, realizando raciones en familia todas las mañanas y asistiendo toda la familia a los servicios de la iglesia ademas de las actividades a las que se pueda asistir según las actividades de cada persona. Show more

  • When a family shares a common goal of being a family forever the home is different. It is not void of arguments or disagreements but it has a unique bond that holds it together. This fosters respect and kindness. A couple that comes together with a desire and commitment of being a couple forever just might work harder to keep their family together during those tough times that happen to all of us. Show more

  • My wife and I have learned how to recognize the enmity of pride which shows up as a wedge that attempts to divide us and alienate us from each other. The moment that either of us starts to feel cool toward the other we know that we are in the throes of a love killing temptation. These things ordinarily happen by accident or subconsciously, but we have chosen to end such temptations consciously. That's because we like loving each other and don't want to fall out of that. The short answer as to how we can develop greater harmony in our home is that we repent of pride as soon as we recognize it; and we consciously decide to soften our hearts instead of harden them. This usually leads to soft and kindly conversations which convert us into becoming more humble and considerate of each other. Harmony in our home then, naturally flows with increasing measure as we conquer each test to our love. We believe that love can grow instead of die from each test. Sometimes I joke that pride is as easy to catch as the common cold and just about as hard to shake off. But it can be shaken off as we treat the emergency early enough with a healthy conscious choice of humility and repentance. We simply return back to humility when we find out that we are infected with pride. These two things seem to be the antidote for lots of problems that would destroy our peace. We are thankful to know of the Lord's teachings about these things. We don't just think of them as useless doctrines, but practical advice to retain and grow harmony in our home. Show more

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