What has helped develop greater harmony in your home?

  • In our home we have Family Home Evening every Monday. OUr children participate and love conducting, singing songs, and even giving the lesson. Even though our oldest are four years old, they know that Monday night is family night and that we do something together. We have also established three basic rules in our home to teach respect and love for everyone. These rules are 1. Obey Mom and Dad the first time 2. Don't hurt yourself and 3. Don't hurt other people. We have had these in our home since they were one and when one of these is not followed, it's easy to remind them of the house rules, whey they're important and what we can do to chose the right. By having these things in our home we have seen a greater love for each other and have created traditions for us too. Show more

  • Holding daily family prayer, daily scripture study, and weekly family nights have helped us have greater peace and happiness in our home. We also have breakfast and dinner together every day as a family. These are times when we can visit with one another, encourage one another, and learn from one another. Show more

  • I feel that the number one thing that has helped to deliver greater harmony in our home is time. We take time to do things as a family each day. So many families have so much going on that days will pass before the family is all in one place. By seeing each other daily we are able to better discern when someone is having a bad day or needs to be uplifted or just needs to talk. Date night with my husband has also been a huge factor in developing greater harmony in our house. Just being able to be with your spouse on a set evening with no kids brings you closer together. You are able to laugh, talk and be together. It is a time when we don't focus on the world or the problems we are facing. Instead we focus on each other and our needs as a husband and wife team. Show more

  • As a child, I'd have to say how my parents never said an unkind word to each other, how everyone was allowed to grow freely and help each other in their testimonies, and by the lessons taught to me through my parents and siblings example. Show more

  • After Annajean and I were married we decided to decorate our home with pictures of the Savior (Jesus Christ), temples, the First Presidency of the Church, and the Proclamation to the Family. We threw out anything (movies, music, etc.) that made the Spirit withdraw from our home. We read and study the Scriptures each day. Show more

  • We always try to have dinner together every night. After dinner, we'll read scriptures together or discuss some topic about our faith. Also, by keeping our Sundays focused upon our time together as a family and attending church, it helps us to keep our priorities straight. Show more

  • This is something that matters a lot to me, and sometimes I've felt like I haven't been very good at helping the atmosphere or ensuring things are smooth. But I think I've seen some improvement recently, when I've remembered to very obviously and deliberately show my love through my actions. Really, you can hardly overdo it--everyone in the home is almost always in need of more love being shown to them, so when I really feel like I'm being so intentional about it that it will start to be a bit much, that's when things actually go best. Show more

  • In my home there is a collection of very different people. They all think, study, and learn for themselves. They all have their own opinions and points of view. They all have different beliefs and practices. The one thing they all have in common is, they love each other. That love is expressed in many different ways, some of which instead of helping have cause hurt to others. What has helped heal wounds that have been inflicted are three things: time, forgiveness, and humility. Time is a great ally in developing harmony. As we grow time is an amazing teacher. With life experience comes realizations and newness of sight. Time has taught us about each other and the more you know the less you fear. Forgiveness is essential. Carrying hate, hurt, and awkwardness will destroy a person. One must forgive the other person and sometimes the whole situation. Forgiveness is a letting go, accepting reality, and making the necessary changes to make things better. Humility is essential in understanding each other. It allows you to be willing to see things from a different angle, even if you don't agree. I have been hurt by my loved ones. But as I grew I saw that they did love me, and they were trying to show it but did not do it in the right way. I forgave them and the situation. Seeing through their eyes gave me a view into their perfect intention, at the heart of their deeds was a cry out for love. Time allowed us to teach each other how to love each other. Taking a step back and looking for the underlying issues will bless the home and bring harmony. Show more

  • I used to work at a call center where I took calls and answered questions and concerns in the Customer Service department. I would answer calls where the person on the other line would be very angry and would swear at me because they were so upset. It was never really because of what I had done or said or whether the product worked or not, it was usually because they had a lot going on and the inconveniences of many things at once had brought them to the point of letting it out on me or one of my coworkers. This is very similar to my home life. My family members would let out their anger on each other not necessarily because of that person or because of what was going on but because everything seemed to line up all at once and self-control would be lost. At these times I try to remember what I had done when on those escalated calls at work, validate their concerns. Try to understand where the other person is coming from and put your own emotions, pride, and prejudices aside. Listen to them and validate them by saying, "I can see how that would be frustrating." or "I would be upset too if that happened to me." and realize that they are a child of our Heavenly Father too. How would Heavenly Father treat them in this situation? How would Heavenly Father treat you if you were in that situation? With love, endless and enduring love, but also an excellent understanding of right and wrong as well. When I am faced with challenges at home I try to treat others how I hope they would treat me, even if I don't receive that same kindness back because I know that is what God would have me do. Obedience to His commandments brings blessings. And one of those commandments is to love one another. As I try to listen to my family members with a more understanding heart my love for them increases and it is easier to be understanding. Show more

  • With three teenage children as well as two grade-schoolers, it can be challenging to find harmony. Everyone is so busy all the time, that we often do not have time to spend together. However, we always reserve Monday nights for Family Home Evening. This is a time set-aside in which we play games, discuss our busy lives, have a gospel-related discussion or lesson, and just enjoy one another's company. We also take time every day to read scriptures together. Although we aren't always together every evening, the children know that we always read scriptures together in our home at an appointed time. We also make a special effort to recognize our children's accomplishments. At the end of every school year, we have a special night out as a family in which we have a nice dinner, and celebrate what each child has done during the school year. We take time to set goals for the summer, and simply take the time to be together. At the beginning of each school year, I have the privilege of giving a special blessing to each of my children. As a holder of the Priesthood, I am authorized to bless others, and as a father, this is a wonderful experience. After a visit with each child, I place my hand upon their head and call upon the blessings of a loving Father in Heaven to give them the strength and the courage to face the many challenges that come in a school year. Through this experience, I learn to rely upon inspiration to perceive Heavenly Father's will towards them, and I find that I learn more about each child's strengths, weaknesses, and their hopes and dreams. Without the blessings that come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I would find it much more difficult to develop harmony in the home. Show more

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