How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

  • The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and it contains a lot of issues related to our days... it also have answers to solve problems of this world.... While reading the Book of Mormon everyday, you will come closer to Heavenly Father and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost will be strong Show more

  • In the US, we tend focus a lot on working more than spending time with family. It is so important to so many people to work hard enough that they can edge out the competition. The Book of Mormon has helped me understand the the time we spend with our families or becoming closer to God is a lot more powerful in allowing us to receive the temporal blessings we need on earth, but more importantly, we will be blessed in the eternities to come. Show more

  • The Book of Mormon has been a blessing in my life. My day is so much better when I read each day. I know that the things in the Book of Mormon are true. It has helped me understand my purpose of life by preaching what we should do and our purpose here on Earth. Once we know our purpose we should know what to do with our life. It is a huge blessing. I hope that others can learn more about the Book of Mormon because I know that it will bless their lives. Show more

  • Never read the Book of Mormon before till the year of 2015 while serving my Mission. Never in my life have i ever received so much power from a book. Everyone always talks about how the Book brings so much power into your life and i never understood that til i actually read the whole thing and continue to read it. Its given me a better understanding of everything, seriously like reading the Book of Mormon every morning before you start your day literally prepares you for everything that your going to face that day! One of the only books I've ever read and i would exhort all those that haven't read it to read it and Gain your own Testimony and i know if you do it with the right intent you to will also gain a witness of its truth and the power that comes from reading it! Show more

  • The Book of Mormon has helped me to come to know my Savior Jesus Christ more personally. It helps me understand why I'm here and what I need to do to be able to live with God one day. It inspires me to be better. Any time I read the book of Mormon I want to be more like Christ. I want to better serve Him and his children. Show more

  • If there's a question- the Book of Mormon has an answer. Anytime I'm not happy my first go to is prayer followed by opening up the Book of Mormon. I can always find peace when I read it. Heavenly Father gives us answers through the Holy Ghost as we read and ponder His word. Sometimes what I read has nothing to do with the answer I'm looking for but somehow I almost always come away from my studies and know what it is that I need to do. Show more

  • There is a verse in the Book of Mormon that says, " is that he might have joy." (2 Nephi 2:25) The Book of Mormon is the story of how those that come to Christ find joy and those that ignore or reject Christ don't find the happiness that God intends. I love the fact that the Book of Mormon is about real people like you and me and about their families and again the underlying message is that in the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Savior's redeeming sacrifice is peace and joy. Any thing else keeps us from our true potential and from a fullness of peace and joy. Show more

  • Many times throughout the book of mormon, the ancient prophets testify of the divinity of Christ and the purpose for the atonement that he performed. Most explicitly found in Alma 34, the purpose of life becomes incredibly evident. But even earlier, for instance Nephi's father, Lehi gives some of his final counsels to his youngest son, Jacob in 2 Nephi 2; where he testifies of the need for Christ and the need for salvation in this life. Later still in the Book of Mormon, we can see the teachings of ancient missionaries, like Ammon in Alma 18, where he teaches King Lamoni about the Creation of this world, the fall of Adam and Eve and about God's dealings with man until the current day, and especially the necessity of salvation in this life. Most of all, I've come to an understanding of the purpose of this life by carefully studying the words within the Book of Mormon, I know that they are inspired words written by ancient prophets who have seen the necessity of continued revelation. The Book of Mormon has provided me with not only the explanation as to why this life is necessary, but the love God has shown us by sending us here to live through this life. I know that the purpose of this life is to prepare to meet god, (Alma 34:32), that he has given us a chance to grow and discover the difference between good and evil for ourselves, to know joy from misery and to understand the necessity of Jesus Christ's atonement for ourselves, and to apply the glorious, freeing merits that come through it. As stated in Mormon 9:27+28, we are given this time; this probationary state, to work out our salvation with fear (respect and reverence) before god. Show more

  • The Book of Mormon has been a solid foundation to me. I've been reading it ever since I can remember-when I finish once I just start again- and I hope I always will. It's one of those things that's so clear and deep on so many levels. It teaches us to love and serve God, as well as our fellow brothers and sisters. That's good, but a lot of books will tell you to be a good person, and I could go on about how this one is special, but I'd rather focus on the only thing I really know. This book has worked for the better in me. The more I read it, the more joy I have in life, the more at peace I am with myself, and the more I can think clearly. Truly, this is an amazing book. I once came to the point in my life where I didn't know what was real and what was a lie. I think we've all been there. And I don't know why, maybe I'm a good devil's advocate or something, but I could not make up my mind whether I should stick with religion or not. I didn't go ask anyone, I knew what they would say, and guys never ask for help, right? ironic. well I had to ask, so I asked God, and I came to feel his love. And ever since then, I've know it's true because of things like the Book of Mormon, and little things that let me feel the love of my God. So that's what the Book of Mormon has done for me. I'd actually go so far as to say it's like my window into the mysteries of heaven. I try not to take it for granted. You should read it too. Show more

  • The Book of Mormon is so amazing. I really would be no where near the person I am today without it. Some may refute that statement, but here is my testimony of its glory. I have gone through some very trying times in my life. I have felt sorrow, that at times has weighed so heavily upon me that I did not know how I could ever get out of it. When I finally turned to my Savior, through prayer and reading in The Book of Mormon, I felt an overwhelming peace. I was able to find answers to my problems, to find a reassurance of the love that God has for me. When I read The Book of Mormon, I always start with a prayer. I ask Father to help me to understand whatever I am looking for at that time. I ask questions about things I don't understand. I can not tell you of all of the times I have received answers. No matter what I ask, I am guided by the promptings of the Holy Ghost to the answers. With so many instances of this occurring, there is no doubt in my mind that it is true. Through its pages, and the spirit I feel as I read, I know myself better. I understand who I am. I am a child of a loving Father in heaven. I am here, in this mortality, to learn and grow, so that I can be able to return to my God above. We are all here because we lived with God before this life. We chose to come here to be tried and tested. We wanted to be like our Father, and this life is how we do that. We need to have the faith that we can get back to him. He wants us back with him. He shows his desire to have us with him through the gospel he has restored to the earth through his servants. He is right there. Just a whisper away. He is just waiting for us to ask for help. When we finally do ask, he guides us to the paths that well lead us to joy, and ultimately the most precious gift we could ever receive, to live with him again. All of this knowledge I have received through reading from the scriptures God has given us. Foremost being, The Book of Mormon. Show more

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