In what ways have your prayers been answered?

  • On 18th December, 2014 i was involved in a road accident where the vehicle was damaged beyond repair but i came out without a scratch. few seconds before the accident happened I prayed to Our Heavenly Father for protection of my life while on the road. Am so grateful that my prayer was answered. Show more

  • In so many ways! I am truly grateful for the power of sincere, humble prayer. God hears our hearts, and He sees our needs, and He SOOO longs to help and guide and bless us, if only we will turn to Him in prayer. I've received answers to prayer through other people, through the marvels and beauties of nature and creation, through the gentle whisperings of the Holy Spirit... I've also witnessed many beautiful miracles in my life. I have had some prayers answered immediately, while other prayers have been prayed in earnest humility and desperate sincerely, yet I'm still waiting for the answer! No matter what, I know that a loving Father in Heaven has heard, and will continue to listen as I turn to Him, and in the timing of the Lord, ALL sincere prayers are answered :) Show more

  • There have been more than one occasion, at different times, where my close friends were dealing with emotional struggles. I spent many late nights over the phone with them talking about the problems, providing as much comfort and support as I could. Each time, I prayed to Heavenly Father to know the things that I needed to say and do, and I testify that He answered my prayers, and my words and actions were truly inspired by His love. Show more

  • I have always wanted a career that could support my future family. I didn't know what that was. While I was in Hawaii, I decided to enroll at BYU. I got accepted and started taking computer science classes. About a year and a half after going to into the program I got an email from my aunt: someone she knew had an internship for me at perhaps the largest semiconductor corporation in the world. It ended up that he was an alumni of my university and was a Mormon, too! I interviewed for the position and accepted an offer to work there. As I learned more about this company, I realized that the career was in line to what I was praying for. Also, I learned about the local singles branch nearby. It seemed, as though, there was a careful plan outlined for me. It is a pretty incredible feeling. I am still waiting for a few answers, but I know, that through patience and great care in keeping the promises that I made with my loving Heavenly Father, that I will receive an answer. Show more

  • "The Caterpillar" When I was in Kindergarten our teacher gave us the assignment to go home and find a caterpillar to bring to school... I was so excited to excel in this homework assignment... this should be so easy... My friend and I got home from school that day and we went caterpillar hunting... after what seemed like a few hours... we found our first caterpillar... and it was my friend who found it, so he was done with his... and by this time it was getting late, time to go home for dinner, etc... I was a little disappointed but went home and forgot about the caterpillar until the next morning... It was moments before I had to leave to catch the bus, I remembered that we were supposed to bring our caterpillars... I exclaimed my predicament to my Mom and she just simply said, have you prayed to ask Heavenly Father to help you find a caterpillar... I must have thought she had gone crazy... 'pray for a caterpillar?' I went into my room and did as she said, and then had to leave my house to catch the bus... I walked out of the front door and to my astonishment crawling across our sidewalk was a caterpillar... this is quite a simple story, and what some may call chance, coincidence or pure dumb luck... but to me, it was and always will be an answer to a little boy's prayer and taught me that God does hear our prayers and he does answer them, no matter how big or how small. I know that God hears us, and he answers us, not always in the way we think or always that answer that we want, but he does answer with what we need. Show more

  • The biggest way that my prayers have been answered is that I have received a testimony - that is to say, knowledge from God - concerning some of lifes most troubling doubts. Where do we go after this life? When our family members die, are they still members of our family? What am I supposed to do to make the world a better place? What is my purpose and how do I fulfill it? The restored gospel, which I am so grateful exists on the earth today as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, answers all these questions. All I needed was an answer about the Book of Mormon. The answer was a yes. Show more

  • Being at the college student age, I naturally have a lot of big decisions to make in a short amount of time. But one decision has stuck in my brain for quite some time; missionary service. Being a sister in the Church, I do not retain the same Priesthood obligation that the brethren of the Church do, but for many years I have felt the need to serve. With the age limit for missionaries being drastically decreased in the October 2012 General Conference, I felt very prompted to heavily consider my missionary service. I knelt down in my tiny college apartment room and I poured my heart and soul out to my Father in Heaven. I felt as if I were talking to Him face to face. We talked together about me serving a mission, and in a desperate cry, I begged to know the truth of what I should do. Heavenly Father then confirmed to me by the power of the Holy Ghost that it was a good decision for me to go on a mission. It wasn't a sudden confirmation or a strong burning sensation in my chest. It was more like a small, still voice that said, "Go ahead." And that was it. But I knew that whatever decision I made, Heavenly Father would be there to back me up, no matter what. Show more

  • When our youngest grandson was born, his heart was on the right side of his chest not the left. Which is not all bad, but, his heart was not working properly. He received a blessing from his father and grandfather. After, the blessing his heart started working properly. He was life flighted to a children's hospital. At the children's hospital a new set of films was done on his chest. They found that his heart was now on the left side of his chest and he was in perfect health. I know that the Lord blessed him with a miracle. He is now five and you would never know he had a rough start. Show more

  • The first time I remember having a prayer answered was when I was a small child (4 or 5 years old). I had gotten stuck on top of a tractor tire that was leaning against a tree in our back yard. I used to climb up it all the time, but this was the first time I ever made it to the top. I had no idea what to do because every time I tried to get down, the tire would start to wobble, scaring me to death. I resolved that the only thing I could do was say a prayer, so I did. Immediately, when I tried to remove myself from the tire, I could feel it steadied by someone, and I was able to make my way down safely. Show more

  • Years ago I served a mission to the Netherlands. Near the end of my mission, I began serving in the city of Apeldoorn. On my first Sunday I was introduced to the congregation. After services, a woman came up to me and began asking many questions. She had a definite German accent. She asked, “Did I hear that you are from Provo, Utah? Does you father teach at BYU? Was your mother raised in Vienna? Did she go to America before WWII? Did she die from cancer a few years ago?” and so on. “Do you know my family?” I asked. She replied “No” but then told me this story. After the war in Vienna, the basic needs of life were hard to for everyone to come by. A friend of her family, who was a school teacher, began receiving small packages of food, and other items from one of her past pupils who now lived in America. The teacher began sharing these items with friends. This sister was just a little girl at the time. She told me of eating Jello pudding, which had come in a little box sent by this woman in America. When she overheard the others at the table mention that the Austrian woman in America was a Mormon, she decided to call it called Mormon pudding. A spring dress that she received a year later became her Mormon dress. Ten years later, two young Mormon missionaries knocked on her family’s door in Vienna. When they heard the word Mormon Church spoken, they all remembered the Mormon pudding and the Mormon dress, and the Mormon lady in America. After joining the Church, marrying a Dutch man, and moving to Holland, how wonderful this sister thought it would be if one of the sons of the woman who sent the packages could serve a mission some day to Holland. But, she realized that this was likely not to be. However, Heavenly Father knew her heart, and as a tender mercy, he answered this simple prayer. I was sent to serve the Lord in the Netherlands, and before ending my mission, I was sent to meet her. Show more

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