Oswaldo Soto Guzman: Oswaldo, Soto, Guzman, Controller, Puno, Peru, Mormón.

Hola soy Oswaldo Soto Guzman

Acerca de mí

I was born in Peru, in South America. I have a lovely family. In the last 10 years of marriage, my wife Dania and I have raised our two children (a son and a daughter). Most of my life, I have worked , 5 years as a controller, of which were in important companies in my country. I love to read and learn all the time.

Por qué soy mormón(a)

When I was 10 years old, my family moved to the city of Puno in Peru, at that time we had a very old neighbor. Shortly after he died, my family attended the funeral, which was held in a beautiful building of the Church of Jesuscrito of Latter-day Saints, there met a couple of young missionaries, they taught the gospel to us, and three weeks my whole family was baptized. My life has been greatly blessed. I have been a missionary in Bolivia, I married into a holy temple, and I have two beautiful children. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Chrits live,and I share this in the name of Jesus Christ.

La manera en que vivo mi fe

I love to visit those in need and give them a helping hand. I teach lessons about family, and I love it