Mauricio: soccer, dance, mcallen, benemerito, mexico, music, Mormón.

Hola soy Mauricio

Acerca de mí

I was borne in Hidalgo Mexico I'm the oldest of two, I have a ton of cousins and friends, and my childhood was spent among horses and farm animals, swimming in rivers and fishing. I love fishing, I like to ride horses and like the life in the forest. I grew up in Aguascalientes playing soccer and enjoying good moments with my friends. I studied in the Benemerito De Las Americas high school in Mexico city. I like to play any kind of sport, and learn and expriment new things. I love to dance and listen any kind of miusic.

Por qué soy mormón(a)

When I was younger, I wondered,what is my purpose in this life. As well I wondered what do I need to do to fulfill this purpose? all of these questions helped me to search and to ask in prayer for this guidence. Through diligent reading of the scriptures, fasting, prayer and seeking with real intent, I understood that our heavenly father has a wonderful plan for my family and I. The fullness of this plan and all the doctrine of Christ can be found in this book, called the book of Mormon. This book has given me more peace and hope in this life, as well as in the eternal life with my Fatherin Heaven and my family.

La manera en que vivo mi fe

I am not the best example but I always try to be a good one, especialy for my brother. Going the church, being a good friend, a good son, and always trying to follow the example of my savior Jesus Christ. I try to be like him. I learn every day through praying and listening to the good counsel of the people around me. I know that this gospel can change lives and make every one happy. For this reason I'm serving a mission in Mcallen Texas, helping the peole that are waiting for something that is lost in their lives. I love to see the smile of the pople when they can feel the love of our Heavenly Father.