Glenn: Mormón.

Hola soy Glenn

Acerca de mí

I love playing sports. I`m not the best at them, but I work at it, and I get satisfaction from it. I am studying BYUI and I am working n Mechanical engineering. I like building and using my hands, and trying to think outside the box. Outside those two things, I don`t do a whole lot. I like to talk with my family, and keep up on them. I’m part of a big family with lots of nieces and nephews. I like hanging out with my friends, and watching movies

Por qué soy mormón(a)

Hello, I`m Glenn. I am from Drummond Montana, and I was born in the church. The church helped me out a lot when I was younger and trying to get through high school. I was the only kid my age that kept good standards, and it was hard. I saw everyone else doing things that I knew I shouldn`t, but it was very tempting. The promises I made helped me keep on the road and not go off track. The gospel helped me to see above a teenager’s point of view and understand the consequences of my decisions. I understand now that while my friends might have been laughing at the time, they weren’t really happy. Now that I have complete use of my agency, and I made it through high school, I have the opportunity to be really happy in the future. I know why I am here, and where I am going, and what I have to do to really be happy forever. That is why I am Mormon.

La manera en que vivo mi fe

I live my faith by knowing that if I do what I`m asked to do, and keep the commandments, I won`t have to worry about what comes next, because I won`t be alone. I know that my Heavenly father loves me and he knows what I need. Because I know that, I will choose to follow him.