Richie S.Garcia Zepahua: Richie S Garciia Z, Las Vegas, Mexico, West Mission, Benemertio, Cordoba Veracruz, Mormón.

Hola soy Richie S.Garcia Zepahua

Acerca de mí

Born and rise in the Covenant! /I like to Dance generally Salsa and Banda/I like to hear Music in general but I will all ways have something actual in mi IPod to turn the Party On/Love to Party and Hang Out with friends/ Thru all mi live I Play and practice American Football, Swimming for 13 years and Tae kwon do/ I use to Play for MLG. Personally I have a great interest and I try to get involved as much as I can in Politics and News, I'm a strong believers that the only way to change the world is starting whit yourself in home and whit those ones around you true the example. I have a great Gif and I'm way interesting in the Gif of Discernment, the world know this like The Art of Reading People I grew up in Cordoba Veracruz Mexico, my beautiful country is now having a decease of broken families, Drug Cartels, Economy and Politic problems, the General culture is selfish and proud but me and my Family we chose to be happy in the middle of a world that perhaps is falling down in pieces. When I was 15 years old I enter to Benemerito de las Americas it us to be a Boarding School ruled by the LDS Church like BYU but this was a High School I just stay over there for 2 Years and get back to my home town to continue study and spend more time whit my family and mi sweetheart and 11 months lather I send my request to serve a mission for the LDS Church.

Por qué soy mormón(a)

I Know it, I Live it & I Love it...

La manera en que vivo mi fe

Whit the example is the best way to show to the world the real you, not what you pretend to do, now serving a mission helps me in the way that I have the opportunity to feel like an apostle of the lord by helping and teaching my brothers and sisters I try my best to always comprehend and understand the people and to help or strengthen them in many ways.