Cole: volleyball, beach, surf, sports, family, Mormón.

Hola soy Cole

Acerca de mí

My name is Cole Engemann, and i was born, and grew up in Utah. I’m 20 years old. I grew up loving sports; I have learned to love anything to do with the outdoors. Especially sports. As I got older I developed a passion for volleyball, I love hanging out with my friends and family and just spending time together. I love water sports also. But most of all double tubing behind our boat every year at Lake Powell. I worked as a lifeguard for two years, and learned how to ride the flo rider pretty well. (a wave simulator). I love going to the beach, longboarding, and watching good movies

Por qué soy mormón(a)

I love my religion because I know that our father in heaven still loves his children, and wants us to be happy and return to live with him. And I know he will never abandon his children that he loves so much; I know that we are guided by living day prophets and apostles. Everything I have learned from being in the church since I was young has helped me become the person I am today, and has helped me enjoy my life and give it direction. I know that the church is perfect, because it is Christ’s church. And I know that this is his church because his spirit has let me know for sure that this is where he wants all his children to be.

La manera en que vivo mi fe

My religion is everything to me, I know it’s the most important thing I have in my life right now. I know that by living what I am taught and living the way Jesus would want me to live brings so much happiness and peace. I do this by trying to follow his example. Making sure that people will recognize me as someone different, by going to church weekly, sharing my beliefs with others, keeping my language and clothing modest and clean, and by always trying to obey the commandments that he has given to us.