Alan: Estudiante, Robot, computacion, Mormón.

Hola soy Alan

Acerca de mí

I'm a research student on computer science in England. I like to build stuff related to robotics, while at college, we built a rescue robot to participate on the RoboCup, that is something like the Olympic games for robots (but funnier). I also love photography.

Por qué soy mormón(a)

Just because..... ITS GREAT!!! I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. Why? Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives a deep new meaning to life. I don't mean everything becomes a sunshine, but it gives answer to the deepest questions of the human soul. Wouldn't you be happier if you found an answer for yours?

La manera en que vivo mi fe

I love attending church on Sundays, it's great to be able to meet nice people who is always seeking to help one another. On Sundays I work with the young men from 12 to 17 year old helping them to learn the gospel and how to be good members on society.