The Book of Mormon Experiment

We’re asking people all over the world to read a page from the Book of Mormon and highlight references to God and Jesus Christ. Here’s a sample of what they’ve found so far.

Alanna B., page 121

Australia, Non-Religious

“I am not religious, but I could clearly see my page talked about God all the time!”

Adam I., page 169

Palestine, Muslim

“It’s hard to be religious in the world today, but I’m trying hard. This experiment is a really cool way to bring religion into my life.”

Pakistan, Muslim

“This is a brilliant idea. You should take out an ad and tell people to be here. I woke up and turned on the TV today, and all I saw was war, refugees, violence, and problems. The world needs to see this—to see that there is hope and love in the world and that God is good is what this world needs. I’m so grateful to be a part of this project today. The whole world needs to see it. Thank you! It’s brilliant!”

Gamalieo., page 429

New York, Common Wealth of 12 Tribes

“I wasn’t really interested at first—I mean, I was hesitant. But as I read the page I started to see. When the page mentioned that disputations were of the devil, I felt a connection with it because I believe that, and as I read more I liked what I saw. Christianity somewhere over the past 2000 years has gotten lost because of all the disputations. But I can definitely see that this book speaks of good things and of Christ, and if it helps people do what is good, then the book is good. This is the doctrine we are trying to teach. How do I get the next page? I need to know what Christ says to do next.”

Grace M., page 434

Australia, Spiritual

“My page talked about where God is and where we can find Him. I think it is important to find God, or whatever you call Him, in everyday life where you can see Him because it makes you treat people differently in a positive way. I don’t know why but I really felt God when I read this page.”

Joan C., page 179

Zimbabwe, Christian

“This reminded me of the teachings of the Bible about corruption and immorality. In a modern world like ours we need more teachings of how to overcome the problems and how to have more faith and hope. This book helped me remember to repent and remember Christ in my life.”

John S., page 232

South Africa, Christian

“I didn’t know that I agreed with your doctrine. I think I am a secret Mormon!”

Katie C., page 527

China, Agnostic

“It was really cool. I had never read a religious book until today. I got to see what everyone is talking about and identify those words.”

Kirsti W., page 274

South Africa, Christian

“Religion should be about bringing people together and overcoming our differences to become united. In South Africa, we have so many differences; we need more of what this verse taught me, that we can be one in Christ.”

Lester G., page 416

Philippines, Catholic

“I really liked the experiment. My favorite part was reading that Jesus is our Savior.”

Mike W., page 459

United Kingdom, Non-Religious

“I’m not religious at all, but as I read I could see that for a religious person, without scripture they wouldn’t be able to live the life they want to live and this book referenced God a lot!”

Miriam C., page 478

Brazil, Christian

“I was very sick when I was young and my mother told me every day to ask God’s help. When I was five, God came to me and blessed me. My father was killed in a car accident when I was 19, and when I ran up to my room upset, I asked God where He was and why He would let this happen. He told me that my earthly father was gone, but I would always have my Heavenly Father. I’m so glad you’re doing this. I had forgotten about those experiences until I read this page. Reading this book lets people remember those experiences.”

Mustaffa M., page 347

Ethiopia, Islam

“I’ve never heard of the Mormons before. What you’re doing here is really great: giving people the chance to read something that makes them think about God.”

Nazam G., page 239

United Kingdom, Muslim

“I can see a lot of similarities between what I read here and what I read in the Quran. I do not think the two are as different as many believe them to be. I think we actually believe very similar things. I felt good as I read it and as long as it is teaching people to be good to one another then I believe it to be good.”

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