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Oi, eu sou Eric

Sobre mim

I am 23 years old born and raised in Logan, I am a insurance agent for Oso Auto Insurance & Tax Service. I love to workout and spend time with my family. My family is of up most importance to me, they have always been there for me. I am currently waiting to receive my mission call, I should be getting it April 16th! I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese so we will see where I get sent to!

Por que sou mórmon?

Well I was born into the church, in my younger years I would go to church because my parents made me and I never had my own testimony of the Gospel. When I was in High School I definitely went off the deep end, i was completely lost. I lived a fast life, I even landed in jail when I was 18. After High School I found myself thinking to myself, "Where am I gonna be in the next 5 years?" Well the only conclusions I came up with were, dead or in jail. I decided to make a change, I decided to turn my life to the Lord. I wanted to find out for myself if the church was true, I had grown up knowing the church was true, but I needed my own personal conformation. I started with the basics, praying morning and night, reading a page or chapter in the Book of Mormon. I started seeing miracles unfold all around me, 3 days later I was able to find a job, My relationship with my family got alot better. Not only that but I felt better, I knew that I was doing something good! Everyone would tell me that their was a glow about me, my countenance changed. That motivated me to keep going. After a couple months of finding myself, I started helping the missionaries I have countless experiences where the Spirit testified to me and to the people we taught that this church is true. Their is no other church on the face of the Earth that has the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel saved my life, literally. If you are stuck in the Abyss, I promise you that their is hope to change, dont EVER think that "you are the way you are" and that you are meant to live a life of sin. I was able to stand up and dust myself off, and have moved on with a renewed sense of hope and faith in my Savior. Dont put off your salvation, the time to repent is now!

Histórias Pessoais

De que maneira suas orações foram respondidas?

through miracles and blessings from above

Como a frequência às reuniões da Igreja ajuda você?

helps me come closer to my Heavenly Father, and allows me to strengthen my testimony.

Como vivo minha fé

I am currently serving as the TB Spanish Branch family night coordinator, I plan the Lessons, activities and the refreshments. Its been a success, the members have really liked getting together twice a month and spending time together! I've also been visiting the members doing family home teaching.