Ana Filipa: fashion, primary, Mórmon.

Oi, eu sou Ana Filipa

Sobre mim

My week days are passed in Lisbon, were I go to University. Studying, making clothes, drawing, learn through online courses and watching series with my roommates. At the end of the week I go back to Setubal to hang out with mum, dad, go to the institute and deal with cute mischievous little ones on Sunday, in primary.

Por que sou mórmon?

I met the church by a friend's family. And I could see the difference in him, although I've only discovered latter what it was. I chose to stay because there I knew I could find ever lasting happiness and ever lasting Love. People are not perfect but we can see everyday the effort they make to be a little bit more closer to Christ. and this shows to me that they really are followers of Christ. And I wanted to be that too. It took me 1 all year to be baptize because my parents were against it. An after I wavered and fell, but I got up a fight again. Because I know that this is the truth church of Jesus Christ.

Histórias Pessoais

Como seu conhecimento do Plano de Felicidade mudou/beneficiou sua vida?

Recently my great-grandmother died. It was Sunday and earlier in the I search for a discourse given by President Thomas S. Monson to teach to my class. Between church magazines I found one: It was about a friend of president Monson who was dying and wanted to find is friend. After a long talk and a blessing, the men died and president Monson testified the blessings of the holly spirit. Later that day I had my first lesson of the course preparation to enter the temple. We talk about the hapinnes plan and how the lord give us preparation to tribulations. When the phone ranged and my mother told me the horrid news, I just couldn't help to think about President Mormon discourse and how it calmed me and made the see the hand and Love of God in my life once more.

Como vivo minha fé

I am 2nd counselor of the primary in my ward. we strive to do every month one or two activities no matter how busy everyone is. Not only for the grown ups but for every child and sometimes their parents. It's a really stressful but the most rewarding I have had so far. They can talk trough out lesson time but when they hug you and kiss you goodbye you wish it all over again.