Jared: Gamer, Music, Footbal, Movies, Chill, Mormoon.

Hallo, ik ben Jared

Over mij

I love hanging out with friends, where we play football or tennis or stuff like that, or when we are lazy we play games or watch movies or whatever. When I have time for myself I can keep myself entertained forever with video games (I consider myself to be a socially-active no-life gamer). I love trying out new stuff like music or food and games offcourse.. I've made a youtube channel where I want to upload my gameplay to (so far nothing much), and I'm trying to get into becoming a music producer! I'm Dutch but I prefer to type these kind of things in English :) Soundcloud Profile - Youtube Channel -

Waarom ik mormoon ben

I'll have to thank my parents for that. I used to be a real trouble in my younger days until I realised I didn't want to continue the path I was going. The church taught me many things that I have never heard anywhere else. Going to church has been tough though and I'm trying to get more active, but as long as I am with someone I love I'm all

Hoe ik mijn geloof naleef

I do my best everyday to be the best guy I could ever be. Keeping myself clean and shining bright so other people can see the difference. I love helping out people (especially with their computers and stuff like that), the little things. I think if everyone would do something small for one another, then we can all have a good time :)