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Hi I'm Nadja

I'm a wife, a mother, a business partner, a teacher, a translator, a child at heart, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, a mother, a choir director, a seminary teacher, a musician, a seamstress, a talker, and a lover of all things beautiful. Living in Paris affords me the luxury of indulging in many of my more secular passions: travel, languages, food, as well as the arts. But living in Paris also affords me the blessing and opportunity of being able to freely share my beliefs, my values, and my life with those around me.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents belonged to two different Christian denominations. After my father passed away, my mother was left to raise me on her own. I was first introduced to the Mormon church, their way of praying and children's songs when I was still very young. My mother's health required a 3-week hospital stay, and she had entrusted me to our neighbors, a young, faithful Mormon couple. When my mother returned from her hospital stay, I informed her (at the ripe old age of 6.5!!!) that I would no longer be attending "my" church, but that I would be going to church with my neighbors from then on. I taught her the songs I'd learned and challenged her to pray along with me. My mother was open-minded enough to suggest a deal: we would both go to my old church one more time (she'd never accompanied me before), and then we'd visit the Mormon Sunday meetings... ...we were both baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when I turned 8. I felt it then, and I still feel it today: the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His teachings give me hope, and strength, and the desire to please Him.

How I live my faith

Simply and naturally, I hope. On a daily basis, it means getting up at 6am with the teenagers for scripture study. This is followed by studying a passage from the Book of Mormon with the whole family. On a broader scale, I teach a weekly class for the 14-18 year olds. I also direct the choir in our area, a task I find enjoyable, even though it's daunting to have the responsibility for making beautiful music :) Other than that, I try to develop kindness, helpfulness, and caring-and to let my actions reflect my convictions. If I am the only Mormon those around me ever meet, I want them to get a sense of who "we" are by who "I" am.