What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm a missionary, Idahoan, musical-dance-theatre actor, artist, and Mormon.

About Me

I love to do everything outdoors (backpacking, rock climbing, hunting, running, kayaking, rafting, snow skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff-jumping, etc.). I love to do stuff with my hands (construction, pottery, play dough, drawing, wood-carving, etc.). I love animals, musical-dance-theatre, physics, history, traveling, architecture, and my family. I hate bad attitudes and failure. When I grow up, I wanna be the best husband, father, disciple, and everything I can be so I can help make the world a better place.

Why I am a Mormon

I’ve been a member of this church my whole life. I’d say that conversion is a lifelong progression. The more I give myself to God, the happier I am. I want to share my joy in Jesus Christ with the rest of the world. I know that if you are truly following the teachings of Christ through study and practice of the scriptures and the words of His prophets, He will bring you joy and peace. The feeling you get as you convert yourself to Jesus Christ and sacrifice your will to His is life-changing and brings true, indescribable happiness.

How I live my faith

I am a missionary in the Florida Orlando Mission, Haitian Creole speaking! I try to adopt the teachings of Christ in every aspect of my life.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

God is perfect. He is perfectly just, loving, merciful, and knowledgeable. He has a body of flesh and bone, but it is perfected and immortal. His countenance is bright, indescribable, and glorious. Much like an earthly parent, He wants each of us to live up to our potential and become like Him. He is deeply and sincerely concerned about our progression and our happiness, which He has in mind as He gives us commandments to protect us from crippling our ability to become like Him. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

God has given us this mortal experience to grow and become more like him. I find that the body is much like a car entrusted to a teenager or a jet plane to a military pilot: we are “borrowing” our bodies so that we can accomplish specific tasks that the owner (God, or the parent, or the military) needs/wants to get done; as we treat our vessel with great care and are dedicated to furthering the Lord’s work, we can eventually graduate to a new and more advanced one (an immortal body/a brand new car/a more specialized fighter jet); the real owner will only reward the trustee upon strict obedience to the owner’s advice and counsel. God’s advice and counsel on how to use our bodies is to keep them as healthy and clean as possible so that His Spirit can dwell within it and continue to inspire the “pilot” with revelation on how to more effectively go about serving Him. The use of drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances offends God and doing so could prevent one from the constant companionship of His Spirit, and subsequently becoming a more useful instrument in His hands. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Mankind was created to live happily in the service of God, for only obedience can bring true happiness. His commandments are centered around His purpose “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” As we align our doings with His purpose and His approved way of life (personal prayer; study of all forms of scripture, including the words of the prophets; attending church; making and keeping sacred covenants; etc.), we can become more like Him and help others do the same. Show more Show less