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Hi I'm Kevin W

I'm a programmer, a music composer, and soon to be a missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in the United States, and I'm pretty average in some demographic ways. But once you get past the demographics, I'd like to think I'm rather unique. I live in a town small enough that I've really gotten to know everyone, since we grew up together. I'd consider myself average athletically, and I'd be just as willing to hop in on a pick-up game as the next guy. More important to me than athletics, though, is music. I have composed music since I was 14. as I've learned more about music, I've developed a bizarre taste in it, praising the soundtrack of How to Train Your Dragon and Super Mario Galaxy, while scorning the works of the new Taylor Swift. I'm not the best person musically, but I enjoy working with chords and melodies, so I do it anyways. I am working to become a Computer Scientist when I grow up (my second passion). I love the challenge of taking a problem that is simple for a human to do and figuring out how to get a computer to achieve the same result. Recursion, time-complexity, and algorithms are all words that I associate with a fun challenge. I am a young man just entering the world of adults who likes music and programming, and I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for two reasons: First, it makes me happy. People need meaning to their life if they want to push forward, and my faith has given me a constant purpose. It also has protected me from so many pitfalls that those around me have fallen into. Second, I am a Mormon because I believe that I can find the truth within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have read the Book of Mormon, and I believe it to be of divine origin. To many times, I have felt the Holy Ghost prompt me with thoughts or emotions that guide me in a better course of action than I would have taken. I also know that I can think. The very idea of self-awareness flies in the face of the claim that humanity is simple a bunch of physical bodies that act based entirely on their environment. From all of this, I have come to know that my faith is in something that will not fail me.

How I live my faith

My faith is part of my lifestyle and is more than the more obviously Mormon things like not drinking, saying prayers, and reading the Book of Mormon. Because I'm a Mormon, I have friends around me, and a church backing me up as I try to do the things that most people would consider to be "good." I try to smile at those I pass. I stop what I'm doing to help out a friend when they need me. I try to respect others and be more humble than I would be without effort. One of the biggest things that my faith has affected is my choice in friends. My friends are frequently Mormon, but even the ones that aren't are still people who I would consider to be of good character. I don't have to worry about going out and doing things with them because I know they won't do anything stupid or blatantly dangerous. I try to support them in making those around us happy, and they try to help me likewise. I also live my faith in my dreams of a career. I have chosen a job that will let me provide for a family while being there for them in much of my time. I also plan to do work that will help the world. I won't make some frustrating mobile game, or a deceptive gambling algorithm; I will make a simulator that will improve something, or perhaps a new search algorithm for Google that helps people get to the sites they want.