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Hi I'm Rita Cox

I grew up in Arizona where I attended a one room schoolhouse until the 8th grade. I drove across to another state for high school.

About Me

I have always been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but I haven’t always had a strong testimony. After marrying a member and being sealed in the temple, I still did all that members are expected to do! It was after my marriage, four beautiful children, and my divorce that I gained my strong testimony. While raising my children I had to decide what it was that I wanted for my children and me. I decided I wanted a good life for us so I went back to school. We lived on public assistance and struggled. Events in our lives did not always go the way we wanted but we got by. There were times I felt alone, depressed and overwhelmed with responsibility. I looked for relief and happiness. At times I did things that left me with feelings of regret and sadness. I came to realize that not only did I want to make a decent living, I wanted happiness and joy - the kind that comes with living the gospel. I began to trust in the Lord. As I look back on my life I am filled with gratitude. We survived! We had a hard but decent life and we were blessed in so many ways. I see how my life has been a learning experience. An experience that is amazing and has taught me so much. I believe the Lord is wise and has let me grow in ways I never would have guessed I could. I love learning and growing, I love the joy the gospel brings and pray we can all endure to the end.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormons. They loved each other and were so kind to each other. I love my parents and the sweet, kind, and thoughtful people they were. I believe the gospel helped them become who they were. My mom often told us that she knew what was being taught that Sunday because she would see my father trying to put it into practice. My marriage did not work although we were married in the temple, but I believe that if we both would have been living the gospel and trying to put it into practice we would still be married. My life did not turn out the way I dreamed it would but I can’t deny that I have been stretched more than I thought I could stretch. My growth has been because of a loving, kind Heavenly Father. I made some wrong choices but He was able to make those choice strengthen me and make me grow and stretch into a much better person. With the gospel in my life I have seen sad, heart-breaking events turn into miracles and happiness never imagined. I’ve come to trust that the Lord has a plan, a bigger and grander plan, that I could havae ever imagined. I have so much trust in Him. The correct term may be faith. I have faith that I have a Father in Heaven and a brother who died for me. I want to live that I can return to them one day. I want to live my life in a way that it would only bring them happiness. I never want to bring sadness to them because of the things I am doing. I love the goodness that the gospel brings into my life and into my family’s life. For me the gospel answers my questions and it keeps me busy so I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself. I recently retired from teaching school, and when others tell me they are bored I tell them they must not be members of my church! There is so much to do in the Lord's work. I pray that we may all endure to the end and that we all will live our lives that we only bring happiness to those around us.

How I live my faith

I believe service is so important to living the gospel. I want to be of service and never say “No” to a church calling. Recently I was asked to lead the music for young children. I am pretty close to being tone deaf and did not want to take this calling. The problem was that I had just seen a young father who also couldn’t sing, and he had accepted the calling. Many of us laughed but he was amazing! The children loved him and they loved music time with him. I took the calling and tried to have a good attitude. I still make lots of mistakes but I am blessed to have a couple of wonderful friends who are so talented with music. They often help me get back on track. I do not feel anyone is judging me and my ability because we are having fun. Well I am having fun! Although I go to church every Sunday with a prayer in my heart for help, I know it will all be okay. I love the Lord and see that this is another time He has shown me that He is there and knows what is best for my growth. Visiting and checking on others, especially the shut-ins, is what I truly believe is expected of us. Taking care of each other is the Savior’s way. Being kind to each other sounds easy but I find that it isn’t always easy while driving a car. Paying tithing is something that I have never questioned and have had a testimony of. I feel it’s a privilege to be able to give something back. I trust the men and woman in charge of dispersing the Lord's funds and believe they know the best place to put my (the Lord’s) money. In wanting to draw closer to my Father in Heaven, I am working on trying to keep the Sabbath day holy and spending more time studying and pondering the scriptures. I love the gospel and all its teaching. I often marvel at how, as I read, I know all that is being said is so true. How can anyone doubt the scriptures or the prophets? They bring such correct truth and so much knowledge to us. One can’t help but feel happiness inside!