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Hi I'm Vojta Novotný

Hi I'm Vojta. I'm working as a software developer. I love playing the piano, running and hiking. And yes, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have six siblings and best parents ever :) I love my family! I'm studying software engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. I like coding but I'm also working as UI and logo designer. I love playing the piano and sometimes I try to compose. Since I was a child my dad took me and and my older brothers for the trips to the coutryside which caused that I love nature and hiking so much! I'm also doing interesting sport activity called orienteering which is basically running in nature with a map. So yes, I have many different hobbies :)

Why I am a Mormon

My parents met missionaries in 1990's but my father was searching for the truth a long time before. His friend gave him the Bible and he also attended a yoga class. These activities helped him to grow in his knowledge of God and his gospel. When he met missionaries and explore the gospel he felt that they teach him things, which are natural to him. And that's nothing surprising because we believe that we are spiritual children of our Heavenly Father so we can recognize His teachings. I grew up at home, where we were praying as a family every morning, read together scriptures and every Sunday go to Church, were I learned the gospel. My father always taught me how to trust God and be grateful for all blessings He gave our family. I saw many miracles at our home. Some of my siblings faced serious health threats but by prayer and faith, miracles happened. My dad taught me to be humble and honest, don't swear, ... so as I have courage to be obedient (sometimes I wasn't...) I started recognize the difference between me and my friends at school. I realized what does it mean to repent and was trying to apply it in my life. Then in my 8th year my dad explained me, what is baptism so I decided to make the covenant with God that I will follow Him. I really understand it and meant it even I was just 8 years old. I started writing my journal and put there every spiritual experience I had since that. Even I had faith since my baptism, my testimony grew gradually. There were so many confirmations of my faith I received. I really soon realized that the prayer works and my God loves me! He is really there! It gave me so much joy! He helped me many times during my high school studies and at the university, he answer my questions through scriptures and prophets! He also saved me from serious injuries by the power of His priesthood... So yes I saw many miracles, but the most important thing is that I COULD FEEL THAT HE IS GOOD and I want to be like Him! That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I think that rather talking about "how I live my faith" it should be visible from my behavior :) But I want to share with you my experience with living according the truths I discovered such as that God exists and that He gave us amazing gospel which teach us everything about our existence. Living according to this gospel brings purpose to my live and the real joy. Who don't want to be happy? Who don't want to be good? For me faith isn't just some blind hoping that I will be saved, no the faith requires actions by which every person on the Earth can get confirmation that this gospel is a true spiritual law through which obedience can everyone receive true happiness. One of many activities by which we can show God that we want to follow His Son Jesus Christ is that we serve in some calling in His Church. So for example, I had opportunity to be the ward pianist so I could use my ability to play the piano to provide music during Sunday meetings in our ward in Hradec Králové. I also was called to be the ward mission leader so I had opportunity to find and teach those, who are searching for the truth with full-time missionaries in our ward. It really brings me joy because of many friendships I made during this time and opportunity to naturally share my testimony about the gospel. This experience led me to accept my calling as a full-time missionary in the England Manchester mission. I want to invite all who will read this to FIND THE TRUTH about all important questions of life. What is the purpose of my life? Is the family important to me? What will happen after death? Does God exists? I KNOW, THAT ONLY WAY TO TRUE HAPPINESS IS TO STRIVE FOR KNOWLEDGE AND LIVING ACCORDING TO IT. Be honest with yourself, be humble and through your ability to recognize good from evil, start your searching for the truth. It's never too late! If you would ask me anything about my experience, please contact me! I would be so happy to share my testimony with you!

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Vojta Novotný
A testimony is a knowledge about anything important in our lives which influences us and our happiness. The important testimonies are about the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. When we know about truthfulness of these things, we are on the way to happiness. Why? Because every man and women need to know who they are, what is the purpose of their lives... just where is the TRUTH. They want to find the truth to feel peace and joy. I believe that every man has ability to recognize the good and evil and if we have a desire to find the truth about all things and when we are able to sacrifice everything for that, WE CAN FIND IT. How? At first we have to believe. We can't understand everything so in the beginning we have to trust the scriptures, we have to believe in what we are studding and then live according to that. Then we can pray with sincere heart to God and ask Him. If the thing we are studding is true, we will feel it. Miracles can happen but more important is what we feel by heart. We are speaking about the Holy Ghost. I know that we have "spiritual DNA" from God which allows us to feel good and that we can through our effort and decisions come to know the truth about all things through the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less