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Hi I'm Shad

I'm from South Jordan, Utah. I love to feel Christ's spirit through those around me. I enjoy helping people smile! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a senior in high school and life is starting to get busy. I enjoy hanging out with friends, we play video games, go on hikes, watch movies, and play with our pets. I sing in my schools Madrigal and Ac-Cappella choirs with some other pals of mine. I love singing gospel, Baptist style, songs. We also enjoy performing baptism for the dead, in our LDS temples, and finding other ways to help others around us feel loved and appreciated. I make things out of metal as a hobby through blacksmithing. I've made knives, metal roses, and different tools that help myself complete a variety of tasks. I like to listen to John Denver and Charlie Pride while I work, they are some of my favorite singers.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, however I like to think my testimony goes far beyond the fact that my parents are Mormons. My personal conviction that I am a child of God, that he loves me, and knows me personally has come to me over time. Those are the three points that have laid the foundation in knowing that we are not in fact alone and abandoned to the devises of man. That indeed there is a Plan of Salvation laid out by our Father in Heaven and carried out by our eldest Brother Jesus Christ. I know that Christ suffered all the sins and heartache of the human race in a garden called Gethsemane. He then sealed his Atonement for us with is own blood when he willingly died on the cross for us. Thus opening the doors of heaven through His grace, and giving us the ability to repent. In His resurrection he then saved us from physical death. He ordained the twelve apostles, establishing His church upon this earth. He then left the Old World to fall into apostasy. He came to minister in the Americas. To the decedents of a prophet who had fled from old Jerusalem with his family before its destruction. His name was Lehi, his posterity had been humbled by generations of conflict and affliction. Thus they were prepared to meet the Messiah. He came to walk among the believers, saving them days before those who opposed His Gospel were to destroy them for hoping and believing in "a false God". He then left them to follow His Gospel in faith, they failed and destroyed each-other. Leaving only a record, engraved on gold plates, kept by prophets and kings throughout there existence here. Sanctified by the Lord and "put away" for the "Latter Days" by a prophet named Mormon, the last of the Nephites. Joseph Smith a young boy then prayed to know the true church. He was told that the church he sought was no longer here. He was told to retrieve and translate the plates for us as another testimony of Jesus the Christ. Then restoring his Gospel through todays Prophets.

How I live my faith

Every other day at school I am able to go to Seminary, a church class, to learn about Providence's plan for his children, how to feel the Messiah's love, and how to be sensitive to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I am blessed to be able to assist in the special needs seminary class. In this class we go to seminary with a special needs student from the school, we help them participate and feel welcome. In return my peers and I are able to feel the extraordinary love Christ expresses for our brothers and sisters from heaven who have disabilities as it overflows from their hearts to ours. I am also blessed to gather every Friday morning before school for Seminary Council meetings. A dozen other peers and I make up that council along with our two teacher advisors. We discuss ways to challenge the student body to become more involved in our community through service as well as brain storm ideas to help make the seminary building a fun and safe place to be. When I was entering my teenage years I began to realize that, in my case, I needed a lot of help to feel God's spirit in my life. I began reading little sections of scripture from the Bible and Book of Mormon every day. The Temple's of the Lord have became personal places of refuge from my every day life, a place where I can go to feel the Spirit. It is also where we as church members perform proxy in ordinances, like baptism, for those who have passed to the next life without the opportunity to do these things for themselves. It is there choice as to whether they accept the work done for them, they are not forced to. It is also the House of the Lord on earth, when you go to His home you can feel the temples guardian angels minister to and protect you. In the ninth grade I found out how empowering it can be to write in a journal daily, it allows me to reflect on my days. With it I can more easily see the things I do well and the things I can improve in my own life. It is a constant refining process.