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Hi I'm Elizabeth

I'm a grandmother who joined the Church at 29 and raised my 3 children in the Church and home-schooled them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I remarried and moved to central Montana and enjoy taking walks, singing, writing music, playing guitar, playing my own style on the piano by improvisation, tutoring those with learning disabilities, serving others, researching my family history and also writing about it. I currently have stopped with my online education for awhile so I can work on finishing one of my books I hope to publish within the next year or two. My passion is in doing research on the Revolutionary War period of history when my famous ancestors were involved with the Revolution and afterward instrumental in the creation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; I am constantly reading and gathering information about many of the Founding Fathers and especially about the New York Ratification Convention of which my Uncle and my 4th great grandfather and my 5th great grandfather and my cousin were directly involved with. I also am currently very interested in leaving a personal history finished that I can share with my grandchildren. I have completed the first volume in notebook form for them already and hope to add another one in the coming years ahead. I feel it is my responsibility to pass on to my progeny the story and history of our family that the memory of our ancestors lives and accomplishments and beliefs can be handed down through the successive generations and hopefully their wisdom will help enlighten and improve the lives of my descendants who are also descended from my ancestors as well.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a Catholic since I was a small child but never was very happy being a Catholic because I rarely heard our Savior Jesus Christ discussed or His teachings. I went to my friend's protestant church when I was 7 and still felt that that was not the right church that I should be going to. I vowed to find Jesus' own Church some day. When I was 11, I had a dream of my two grandfathers and simultaneously my parents heard one of my grandfather's voices in my room talking to me and I talking to him. When they opened the door the talking stopped and my mother asked me who I had been talking to and I told her "Grandpa". She asked me what he said. I told her that he wanted me to one day help him get out of "spirit prison" so he could go to "paradise" and that there was a church we should join. The next day, two ladies came to the door wearing badges and they were Sister Edna Tea from SLC, Utah and Sister Carol Black. It was about 1960 when we were living in Northampton, Mass. When I saw them at the door, somehow I immediately recognized them as the members of the Church that my grandfather asked me to join. We took lessons from them on and off for a full year but then my parents decided not to get baptized and that made me sad. Five years later, my mother said, "I don't know why but God is telling me to take you to the World's Fair with me and my coworkers." I immediately recognized that the structure was something to do with the Church that I had met through the missionaries five years earlier. I said to my mother excitedly, "Look, there's God's Church....Let's Go!!!" and I took off running and entered and when I saw the boy Prophet Joseph Smith kneeling before God the Father and God the Son, I knew he was truly the future prophet of the Lord's restoration of His original gospel for us in the latter days. I finally at 29 was baptized upon finding the church & its name by a neighbor after having knelt and prayed to find the Lord's True Church and bore my testimony.

How I live my faith

Since I joined the Church in 1977 at the age of 29 and was a young mother when I joined, I have had many opportunities to serve the members of my church in various capacities. These are the positions or titles I held: Children's Sunday School Teacher (ages: nursery to young adult); Compassionate Service Leader; Chorister for the Children's Sunday School and then later Chorister during Sacrament Meeting; Counselor to the President of the Children's Sunday School; Family History Leader; Family History Consultant; Family History Director of one of the Satellite Church Family History Libraries in the Springfield, Mass. area; Service Missionary at the Boston Temple Distribution Center; Service Missionary at the Church History Library. I organized A Children's Sacrament meeting presentation and also organized a Ward Function for Family History Day where I wrote a song and performed it about doing Genealogy research to find our ancestors and where I also taught one of the four workshops offered to our members and to visitors from our local community in Amherst, Mass. I love visiting 3 female members each month to check on them and to give them a spiritual message (we call this Visiting Teaching) and I have a pair of sisters come to visit me each month also which I always look forward to; it's a great way to get to know the other women in the congregation and helps us to form deeper friendships. We assist each other when sick or going through a difficult time or a tragedy. When there is a wedding reception or a funeral, we use our cultural hall to have a pot luck for the family that we are hosting for; all our members help out and contribute. It's such a blessing when we can serve others. I enjoyed teaching a class on "How to do a Family Reunion single-handedly" for the large women's conference in Springfield, Mass. one year and another time I taught an evening workshop on how to do "Indexing" which anyone can do whether a member of our church or not; it's fun!

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

There was a time in our United States History when African Americans had many official U.S. Laws that kept them from doing many things. It only makes sense that once the Civil Rights Movement took place and that African Americans finally had equal rights that the burden and responsibility of men to hold the priesthood would be something that would no longer be something that would otherwise confuse them by giving them rights within the church that they did not yet have under that current government. It makes sense to me that the Lord in His wisdom wanted to have the African Americans have equal rights under the government of their land so that He could then finally give them the blessings of the rights and responsibilities of holding and honoring the priesthood. Having had this given to the African Americans first would have no doubt frustrated their inequality that yet existed before the Civil Rights Movement occurred. Our Father in Heaven has blessings in store for all of his worthy children but it is always in His divine timing for He who knows all things knows what is best for each and every one of us. There are no race or color restrictions as to who can join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, nor regarding race or color as to who can have the priesthood. All major decisions about doctrine come directly from Jesus Christ through divinely inspired Prophets and Apostles of His Church. Show more Show less