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Hi I'm Nick

I live in Utah. I love swimming. I love working with the youth. I'm going on a mission to Eugene Oregon. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I love talking to people, I'm a very social person, and I consider everyone I talk to my new friend. I definitely love food. I wish I could count eating food as one of my hobbies, but I guess I should pick a hobby that is a little less general. I really got into swimming in highschool because it was an awesome physical outlet, and I loved that it brought me up to the top of the food chain in high school. ( Totally joking about the last one.... but I still loved it). One of the greatest things swimming had to offer was the opportunity to teach swim lessons. I learned from swim lessons that I really love to teach, and that I love working with the youth. Since then I have worked with youth in special needs programs, in after school programs, In detention centers, and I now work at an elementary school! I love kids mainly because I have the same attention span as they do, and they are way more entertaining than adults. I am who I am today because of my Savior Jesus Christ, and I AM A MISSIONARY FOR LIFE.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon. I was raised in the church but I didn't follow through with the beliefs that my parents had. I saw the specific rules and commandments in the church as a cage, and I wanted my freedom so I lived how I wanted too. That lead me to going to my alternative school in high school. When I went to my new school I saw kids who were living lifestyles similar to me, and I noticed we all had something in common. We were unhappy. That school was the gloomiest place I have ever been too and I began to see that people at church may have had stricter lifestyles, but they were much happier than I was. I started to change my life around and graduated from high school. I ended up going back to church because I wanted a social life and there was a local singles ward nearby. I didn't really want to change my lifestyle but I really just loved that when I went to church I felt happy there. My next plan in life was to go to the Navy, but after being told I should pray about it, I decided to ask what God thought about my plans. I found myself feeling guilty for the lifestyle I had been living, and I decided I wanted to escape from the cage that I felt I was in. I knelt down and prayed for forgiveness, and then the inside of my chest started to burn and I started to feel this intense joy. It felt like I was being hugged. I realized that day that God wanted me to know that He loved me even though I had strayed from his path. I am so grateful that God gives us commandments and prophets to lead us so that we can stay away from heavy chains that come from breaking the commandments. As I have changed my life, I have realized I wasn't doing it for the church, but for my Savior Jesus Christ, who I know leads this Church. I know without a doubt that even though I make mistakes, I can grow from them. I am going on a mission because I know that there are people out there that don't know that we have a loving Heavenly Father, so I am so excited to share with the world that God is GOOD.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by simply deciding I want to be more like Christ every single day. I definitely do my best to live what I know to be true. I wake up and make sure that I put God first by prayer and scripture study. Prayer and scripture study can be the coolest part of the day if you are fully awake and prepared to talk to God. I have learned that God is the almighty creator of the universe. God deserves the utmost respect, but I also know he is my father in Heaven so I love talking to him, and confiding in Him because I know that he really does care. And then I study the Book of Mormon. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON SO MUCH. when I read the book of mormon at the beginning of the day, it is like im putting on a pair of glasses. If you don't have your glasses on things can seem foggy, your sense of direction may be a little bit off, and you may be more easily confused. But when I read the book of mormon and see that the main character is Christ my eyes are opened and I know how I want to live my life. These prophets sacrificed SO MUCH. And it was because they knew of the goodness of God, and they knew that Christ would one day come again. When I read, my vision is clear and I know that I want to be a disciple of Christ and it is easier for me to push away temptation and stand up for what I believe in. I have definitely learned doing the simple things like prayer, scripture study, and surrounding yourself with people trying to be like Jesus is the key to success. I definitely stay active in my ward and do all I can to serve wherever i'm needed. INSTITUTE HELPS A TON.. if you are going to college you need to go to institute, it definitely keeps me in a good place, I just know that I have been at my happiest when i'm trying to be like Jesus, so I will continue to try to be like him!

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. I had a friend ask me "who is the main character in the Book of Mormon."? I thought about it and I wanted to say Nephi, Ammon, Or Alma the younger because these were some of my prophets in the Book of Mormon. My friend said the main character in the Book of Mormon is Christ. I started to apply that into my scripture reading and I realized she was right. The whole book focuses on the main character Jesus Christ. And as you read and question why these prophets sacrificed so much and were constantly being blessed, it is because their focus was on Christ. I love the Book of Mormon:) Show more Show less