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Hi I'm Roger

I am retired after working 40 years as an engineer. I have 5 children and 19 grandchildren. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love doing just about anything and learning about everything. My hobbies are hiking and sailing which take up most of my free time. I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and have taught several to love hiking and sailing. I also have great discussions with them about science and math and many other things that they are interested in. I enjoy hearing them tell me the latest about super-heroes and other characters whose names seem quite foreign to me. I am currently the Product and Business Development manager for a high tech company. From this work, I have made many good friends all over the world and have been involved in helping them create new products using light and other technology to improve our lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I first learned what a Mormon was when I attending Brigham Young University on a track scholarship. I became friends with a runner, Usaiah, who was also not LDS. While traveling with the track team in Europe, he asked me to sit with him on a train, and asked if I had read the Book of Mormon. We were close friends and had a great deal of respect for each other. He showed me a Book of Mormon and said you cannot read a single page without having the Holy Ghost witness to you that the book is the word of God and he proceeded to read a page to me. When he finished, he told me how powerfully he had felt the Holy Ghost and asked if I had felt it. I told him no. He thought about it and concluded that we needed to have a prayer. I was less certain about any need for prayer, except maybe to get me off this train. Usaiah said a prayer and again read a page. When finished he again fervently told me about the powerful Spirit he felt and asked if I felt it. I said no. He thought about it and concluded that I needed to repent so that I could feel the Spirit. He said it with such kindness and love that I was not the least bit offended. Throughout the remainder of the trip he alternately read and expressed how powerful he felt the Spirit and that if I would pray with a sincere heart, having faith in Jesus Christ, I would have the same experience. By the end of the trip, I changed from uninterested to having a strong desire to have this experience, though I had serious doubts if it was actually possible. Usaiah was baptized a month later and went on to participate in the Olympic Games. I began to study and pray. During that time, other people came into my life who helped me immensely to find the truth, and 5 months later I was baptized. I will be eternally grateful for Usaiah’s persistence and for asking me to sit with him that day and removing any complacency I had about the Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have a very rewarding opportunity serving two families in the neighborhood where I live. One is an elderly woman whom I love dearly. She can no longer do many of the things that she loves. I help her by fixing things around the house. She loves gardening and taking care of her yard. She cannot do as much as she used to or wants to do, so I help her with the mowing, trimming, and with her very beautiful flower beds and garden areas. My reward is her sparkling eyes and big smile while we work together. Each week she also visits the cemetery where her son and daughter are buried. She beautifies the area of the graves, spending about 2 hours of time (I help a little). When done we are both exhausted. She makes this sacred ground hallowed by her love and devotion. I also visit a single mother who struggles to make ends meet. She lives in an old house with constant maintenance problems. I can fix most things and so have ample opportunities to help her. She raises chickens and I am frequently rewarded with true organic eggs! I also have the opportunity to help with the young single adults in the church and to help with the financial aspects of the church by paying bills and taking donations.