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Hi I'm Danial

I was born in Salt Lake Utah, but my life started when I came to Austin Texas. I'm an artist, I love the church and my Savior.

About Me

My name is Danial Taylor, I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and later moved to Austin Texas. During my time in Utah, I didn't really have a genuine testimony of the church, I wanted to believe it but I had not yet received a personal witness of its truth. Later when I moved to Texas it was a drastic change for me, I moved into a very large ward. (Wards are groups of church members who meet at certain times on Sunday.) The youth in that ward was amazing, so many young individuals striving to become closer to their Father in Heaven. During this time I struggled immensely with the change, and with personal trials that were very difficult for me. It was then that I turned to Christ, and partook of his atonement. I learned for a fact that he did die for our sins, and I felt the healing power and mercy that is offered through his atonement. And I re-discovered my immense genuine love for all of my brothers and sisters around me. I also discovered an undying dedication and desire to serve them with all my might. This desire burned brightly in me, I feel it burning in my chest, motivating me to bring the same opportunity Christ gave me to others. This desire motivated me to serve a mission. I wasn't perfect, and I'm still not, but I know Christ is by my side, and he will forever be there. I promised my Father in Heaven I would never give up striving to serve him and my Brothers and Sisters, and become like him.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? As I have read the scriptures, prayed to know if this church is true, and strived to come closer to my Father in Heaven I have received personal answers of its truth. I've prayed to know whether or not Joseph Smith did, in fact, restore Christ's true church to the earth. I have received a personal witness that he did, that under the direction of our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ, he did restore the rightful priesthood and power of God to the earth. I have come to know that the plates in which Joseph Smith translated were, in fact, the word of God and a record of the teachings and experiences of people in the Americas. I have a testimony that the prophets of old, and the modern day prophets are really called of God. That under his direction they have the lead, and still, today organize his Church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by constantly striving to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. That starts with baptism. Although Christ lived a perfect life and did not need to be baptized, he did so to set an example for us. He also taught us to love not only our family and those closest to us but to also love those who mock, disagree, and even hate us. He taught us to remember that even those who disagree and persecute us are our Brothers and Sisters, and we should extend a genuine loving hand of help to them. I live my life remembering that despite our disagreements we are all Brothers and Sisters, we are all imperfect and can hurt each other, but we are all Children of God. I also constantly strive to do my best to be obedient to Gods commandments. Heavenly Father didn't give us commandments so he could punish us when we disobeyed him, but to give us a clear path to follow, a path that leads back to him and eternal life. Those commandments are a map that helps us avoid pitfalls and traps that constantly surround us in this life. Traps like addictive substances and actions that would hurt us and those Brothers and Sisters around us. I know in my heart this Church is true, and I will spend all my life striving to uplift, aid, strengthen, and fellowship my fellow Brothers and Sisters. I strive to be like Christ and follow his example when others around me persuade me to do otherwise. I encourage and exhort those who are lost in the world to come unto Christ and partake of his atonement. I know Heavenly Father wants to share all he has with us, and that he loves us. I testify that it is this love that motivates him and me to bring people unto Christ. I encourage all to participate in the Savior's Atonement as I have. Through doing so I have found a greater peace and clarity in my life. I have come to know that the Savior lives, and he has prophets today leading his church on the earth. I have found the greatest joy of my life through Christ, and I promise you will to.