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Hi I'm Julie Ann Judkins

I was born in Oregon. I have a big heart to love, serve, and make others smile and laugh. I am a Child of God and so are you! :)

About Me

I'm told that my smile is addicting, I've also traveled to a few other states for choir competitions, I love singing (if you can't tell), playing the piano has always been a love from the heart. Expressing myself not only through music but doing artwork, I like to draw, paint, and put clothes together in a fashion sense. Dancing is also one of my favorites because nobody knows what I'm gonna do next! English was always a place of a free way out by writing and expressing emotions, I once thought one day I'd write a book (we'll see what the future holds). Decorating is SO much fun with a little music in the background. I love getting people to smile and have a better day if it’s a little crummy, making people laugh is a passion. I love spending time with my family since I'm stuck with them for eternity, might as well kill them with kindness (their great people). I enjoy hiking, boating, sleeping and watching movies! I very much enjoy the festivities of each and every holiday, especially Christmas! I am currently preparing to serve a mission in Chili for the next 18 months in a foreign language, it will be a life-changing experience I look forward in going soon! I enjoy learning new things, school was always good especially when each teacher loved what they taught, science and physics was and IS very exciting stuff for me! I do plan on continuing my education in college the fall of after returning from my mission, I'm excited to see what the lord has in planned for me next! :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to a large family, with goodly parents and raised with the gospel teachings throughout my entire life. I watched my elder siblings and the decisions they've made. Through my years in High school I started my own accountabilities and learned how the gospel is that one thing of feeling complete! Not only is it a great guide to follow for High standard morals, but it's a Life-set journey, a life-long goal to keep our bodies healthy and strong and gain the most happiness out of our lives! By my experience, I've gained a true witness by reading the Book of Mormon fully through within about 4 months towards the end of my junior year. I prayed to know if it was false... no feeling... then I prayed to know if it was true..... and an enormous amount of warmth filled my body! it was truly amazing and something I come back to when I'm making decisions through my life "is this decision leading me to become closer to my Heavenly father?". Heavenly Father loves us each individually, no matter what choices we make or have made in our lives, he knows us personally and he knows our heart's desire. I am a Mormon because I want true happiness and I know that the Atonement and His Plan, by Obedience and Faith in His son Jesus Christ, is the ONLY way for lasting joy and happiness. The Atonement should not be taken for granted, it is real, it is powerful, and forgiveness is such a blessing to recieve and give. It's the one thing that bonds us back together, forgive our mistiakes, making them right, never doing them again, and keeping our promices to our loved ones. Gaining a personal testimony is a self-effort only IF you want one. It's gained by personal experience, revelation, and action taken by none other than yourself and desire to know what is true in this world of confusion. I have faith that if your searching for truth, please continue on this path, recieve a Book of Mormon, read it, and pray to your Heavenly Father, ask if its false... then ask if its true. 3

How I live my faith

I like to be involved with my church, give ideas with activities and including youth! I am one of the conductors for our congregation, where we lead people in singing hymns, it's nerve-wracking even if you know everyone XD I also participate in our ward choir, It's like another mini family. I define that I have about 4 families so far, which I call my blood family, church family, Choir family and Heavenly Parents (we each at least have two families). I naturally bring up my faith in conversations even to some degree, but I'm not afraid to bring up what I know is true, neither am I ashamed! I'll be happy to talk about religion with anyone, and won't force anyone to my understanding, I will however love the friendship gained afterwards! :)

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Julie Ann Judkins
Nope! we love helping others who are not mormon! we reach out to other organizations and help one another like the blood drive, Red cross in donating blood for those who are able, and serve at the food bank, donating cloths and usable items for Deseret Industries which are spread through out the world to countries or people who are in desperate need of necessities. We also pay 10% of our income, well known as tithing, to help not only our local missionaries but humanitarians, and Helping Hands. There is a lot we do, some I'm not fully knowledgeable of but we do try our efforts to help out in the world abroad and our next door neighbors. :) Show more Show less