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Hi I'm Ashley

I am a Mormon

About Me

Hi I'm Ashley. I guess the difference between a hobby and intrest are that interests are things you are interested in doing and hobbies are the things you actually DO... so my interests! I'm interested in the outdoors. I'm interested in all forms of art. I'm interested in sports. I'm interested in people. My hobbies? Sleeping in, running one mile here and there and calling it exercise, spending unnecessary amounts of money on usually food, books, tickets, or clothes from thrift stores and pretending I can pull them off, and seeing how long I can go without showering while still looking half decent.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I was born into it. YEAH THAT SOUNDS BAD, but it's true. My parent are Mormons, my grandparents, great grandparents... its always been in my family! So i guess that's why I'm a Mormon. The real question to be asked here is why I'm STILL a Mormon. I absolutely love being LDS. It's my favorite thing about me, and as funny as the stereotype is, it's the thing I'm most proud of. I'm a Mormon because it all makes sense to me and there's an answer to all of my questions. I love the lds church because it doesn't just focus on how we'll never be as great as God and how we're dust in comparison to him (even though it's true)... it focuses on how great you are and how much greater you can become. Religion by itself is so broad and ambiguous and just seems irrelevant and unclear in day to day life because you're supposed to apply your current life to writings from men years and years ago. As much as I believe that to be true, I don't believe God would leave us with that uncertainty in the latter days. I believe in the modern day prophets with my whole heart because when they speak it is so loving and it just makes sense. It all makes sense. God was so prevalent in the lives of the people in the times of old so why would he leave us to fend for ourselves without revelation in the hardest time to live ever, which is now? I believe in the Book of Mormon in the same way (2 Nephi 29:3 & 7-9) Also having read the Book of Mormon, it touches my soul too much for me to not know that it was revealed just for us in the latter days. It is too relevant and too historically and archaeologically correct for me to deny the truthfulness of it. I believe it is truly another testament of the same Jesus Christ in the Bible. But all the giant details aside, I believe in the simplicity of the gospel, and I know it's true. So yeah, I was born into Mormonism, but in my eyes, I am so lucky to have access to the knowledge that I do today, and I don't know where I'd be without it!

How I live my faith

I grew up in a small town (population 656) where it was 92% Mormon! I grew up a Mormon, all my friends and teachers were basically Mormon, and everyone I knew had the same (if not, similar) points of view and ideas as I did until I graduated high school. Shortly after, I have recently been introduced to this thing called The World and it's very scary and I don't recommend it. (Just kidding... but not really) I don't exactly know how to say how I live my faith without sounding self righteous but I guess I'll try! I guess I'm just learning and trying to live the way I think is right. I know that what Christ has done for me I will never be able to pay back so I do what I think I can to show him my gratitude. He has given us commandments to better our relationship with him and he's given us clear guidelines and standards to keep us safe and the least I can do is try and follow them. I know Im not perfect and not accomplishing everything perfectly, and I surely can't repay him no matter what I do, but the least I can do is try my very hardest because that's all he asks of us! I try to live my faith by trying to love people in a way that makes them realize that God loves them, because I believe that that is the most important thing.