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Hi I'm Sara Hillyer

I was grew up in Alberta Canada. I love to play and watch basketball. I sing and play piano and guitar. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The three things that you'd know if you knew me is that I am Canadian, I love basketball, and I sing and play piano and guitar. I was born in Alberta and moved around everywhere throughout the province. It was very cold but I loved it! If you have a change, you should definitely visit. When I was 16 our family moved to Utah. It was the worst and best experience of my life. Very scary moving to a different country, but God took care of me and now I love it here! I celebrate Canada as much as I can - Canada day, Canadian thanksgiving, and I still spell favourite with a u :) I love basketball! I am a die hard Golden State Warriors fan. But I promise I'm not a bandwagon fan! I legit love them! I think Stephen Curry is awesome because he lives his faith and shows his love for God and family, that's what drew me to him, and then naturally to the whole warriors team! I also love to play with friends in the church, and on school, community, and recreational teams. I've played the piano for like 12 years, and now I teach it! I love it. I love to play and sing! I also play the guitar and sing. My favourite genre is indie - Hozier, Lumineers, Seafret, head and the heart - there are some really awesome songs! I attended my first year university at BYU Provo studying psychology and I LOVED it! Learning is so much fun for me! I'll be going back after serving a mission in Wichita Kansas :)

Why I am a Mormon

There are so many people that are converts to the church. That wasn't the case for me. I was born and raised in the church. However, I was still converted to Christ and his gospel. There came a point in my life that I felt lost and undeserving of God's love, and I needed to make a choice. Would I work to look for God's love, or would I give up? I chose to look for God. In my moment of pain and unworthiness, I chose to open the Book of Mormon and look for something, anything, that would show me that God is still there. I opened up to Moroni 10:30-33 and it was exactly what I needed. In that moment I knew without doubt that God loves me through everything, and all I need to do is come to him and he will be there with outstretched arms waiting to take me in. That's what keeps me going through everything. The knowledge that God loves me and wants to help me if I would only come to him through prayer, scriptures, and obedience. No matter what he is there. I also get a lot of anxiety about the future. One of the biggest hardships and anxieties I went through was moving to Utah from Canada. It was so scary! I was so scared to cross the border, knowing I was leaving everything behind and stepping into something new and unfamiliar. But in the very moment we crossed, all my anxities turned into peace. And I was okay. That pattern has shown itself throughout the many other trials and anxities I have faced. That I've been anxious and scared, but when the time came, I was given peace. I know that only through Christ can I experience the peace that comes even through anxities. I know that there is no way I could get through the trials that I have had and will have without Christ by my side. It is only in him and through him that I am saved. That's why I'm a Mormon. Because I through this church, I can know that God loves me through anything and despite any weaknesses, and I can also know that Christ will give me peace through every single hardship I will have in this life.

How I live my faith

I've had many callings in the church and I loved them all! I've been choir director, organist (which I loved - playing organ is so much fun!), and also a visiting teaching coordinator! What I love about the church is opportunities to serve, making friends, and learning about Christ. I feel good when I get to serve people, and the church gives me so many opportunities to do that! I also love making friends at church, people with the same standards who I can have fun with! They support and love me and give me strength through things that I go through. Most importantly though, I love learning about Christ. I love reading the scriptures and listening to other peoples testimonies, and learning new ways to become better every week :) I participate in institute - a weekly class about Christ and gospel centered things. I go to Family Home Evening. I go to Church every Sunday. I love to participate and feel uplifted through Christ and my church family.