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Hi I'm Erik Petersson

Grew up in Sweden, moved around there a bit. Moved back to the US for high school. Fluent in Swedish and English. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm bilingual and a dual citizen. Some labels that fit are stage rat, otaku, geek, capoeirista and netizen. Long story short, I enjoy: reading (books, graphic novels, and manga), gaming (on any console I have the opportunity to use really), performing on stage (plays, musicals, vocal or dance acts), cooking (everyone should try to learn how to feed themselves), drawing, travelling (I love going around in new places, especially if there is some significant history, even more so when it's ancient [2000+ years]), indulging my curiosity (basically researching anything that catches my interest regardless field. History, psychology, biology, mechanics, architecture, fan theories, carpentry, game glitches, survival methods, etc.), martial arts (I practiced Capoeira for several years, unfortunately I haven't been able to recently, but I've been supplementing with techniques from other disciplines), and of course, who doesn't enjoy some sleep.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. However, that does not mean that I always followed the guidance we receive from our leaders, or was particularly involved with church activities. I've always had some challenges in my life, including having a father who left my mother, being bullied for several years, and having a mind that functions differently from many of my peers. These experiences combined with certain traumatic events made it difficult for me to really want to listen to God, much less humans. I was lonely and never really became close to anyone. I was "friends" with many, but they were shallow and fairly empty friendships. It was more akin to acquaintances one is friendly with than actual friends. One day I was affected by someone. This person reminded me of what I had been like before I gave in to despair and misery, what I had been like when I actively followed the word of God instead of simply walking through life like a shadow, devoid of hope or misery, sadness or joy, empty of all emotion and ambition. There was a certain light to this person. A warm and comforting light that shone from their very soul in their love for everyone in their surrounding. They motivated me to look around at what the world had to offer. I started to pay attention in to the world and started to go out of my way to help others. As I started to try to improve myself I naturally started to become more involved in the church, as I felt closer to our Father there than I did even in other places of worship. I felt his love for his children, even if we frequently do extremely foolish things. I didn't know why he had tried me so, but in the end I have become far stronger than I once was. As I continue to try to grow further the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints just makes sense and has helped me to grow in more ways than I could possibly explain.

How I live my faith

I go do temple work when I can, and try to help others when the opportunity arises. I pay tithing and fast offering to help the church build new temples and to help feed those who need assistance. I have helped to set up several events including parties and meetings. I keep the commandments and strive to follow the higher laws Christ set forth. I attend Institute, a weekly class for scripture study outside of regular Sunday worship. I am currently serving a two year mission to serve my brothers and sisters of the human race, and to share the gospel that has brought joy and peace to my life.