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Hi I'm Natalie Kay Lyman

I'm from Lehi, Utah. I love to perform on the stage. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently, I am attending college studying Music Dance Theater. I love to sing and dance and have participated in theater for nearly 10 years. I've even gotten to perform in New York a few times. Fun fact about me is that I swam in the Amazon River then later that day went hunting for alligators. I've only ever been fishing once, and that was for piranhas. Recently, I have been called to serve a mission in the Taiwan Taipei Mission speaking Mandarin Chinese! I could not be more excited to be serving the Lord in Taiwan.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up I often felt that I would never amount to anything; I thought that I was alone and if I ever messed up that I would forever feel miserable. This continuous hole seemed to whelm up inside me and nothing was able to fill that. At one point in my life I felt so depressed that I could not see any light or happiness in my life. I did the only thing I could do and turned to Heavenly Father and prayed, "If there is anything you can do to help me, please do." It took a while but after several months of daily prayer like this, one day I was overcome with a feeling that I can only describe as heavenly and beyond this earth. The feeling washed over me and wrapped me up like a warm blanket surrounding me. I heard in my mind the words, "Natalie, Heavenly Father loves you." All of a sudden that hole inside of me was gone. I had never before felt like anyone had known me until in that moment God confirmed to me that He knows me; me, an insignificant one in a million person on this earth. If God loves me who has never done anything exceedingly special then He must love everyone. I am a Mormon because Heavenly Father told me that He knows and loves me. I received that confirmation of His love through prayer. I was taught by the leaders of the LDS church to pray to know if God lives. There must be a God, there has to be a God otherwise where else would I have gotten that witness from. I know I did not tell myself in my brain that God loved me; no I heard Him tell me that He loved me. I cannot deny that He lives. The LDS church asks that everyone prays and asks God if He truly is there with a sincere desire to know. I did and I know He lives. My answer did not come immediately but it came. It took me nearly two years to think of praying to know if God lives then about six months of daily, sincere prayer to know that God lives. I know Heavenly Father lives and I cannot deny it. I'm a Mormon because I know God lives and continues to give revelation unto His children.

How I live my faith

As part of being in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am able to participate in my ward (which is like a church congregation). In my ward I've been able to teach the little kids ages 3 to 4; I have gotten the opportunity to teach them the simple truths of the Gospel, such as Jesus Christ loves them, and they can be happier when they are kind to others. Teaching the little kids has been one of the best experiences I've had because the kids are almost always happy and they are like that because they choose to be. I've also been able to participate in presidencies were in I teach my peers about Christ and the love He has for them.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Natalie Kay Lyman
Men and women are equal, as they should be in a marriage. A marriage should be a partnership where one spouse is not above the other, but where both are equal just with different responsibilities. A Mormon women is someone who is noticed by the world to be different than the normal pop culture woman. As a Mormon woman, I personally wear clothing that doesn't attract any unwanted attention but that is still cute and fun. The clothing I wear is termed modest, where it covers my shoulders, sternum, back, and stomach. Any clothes I wear must reach at least to my knees when I sit down. I've been told often there's a certain light in my eyes that makes me different than other women around the world. It is because I wear modest clothing that a person can see the light of Christ in my eyes and they are not focusing on my body or what I'm wearing; instead they are seeing me who I truly am, a daughter of God. Show more Show less