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Hi I'm Spencer Hutchinson

I've lived in the south D.C. area my entire life. I love athletics and 3D Art. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up I realized that I have a natural talent for sports, I never really had to practice that much before I got the hang of them. Throughout my high school career I put that talent to the test by being on 3 varsity teams; Cross Country, Swim Team, and Throwing for track and Field. All these sports involved a lot of practice to become one of the best on the team. I also enjoy helping people who don't fit in as much, just like how I was when I was growing up. With that in mind I became the Swim Team Captain my last two years on the team and made sure that no soul was left out of any activities, more importantly I was making new friends. My high school career turned into helping as many out casts as I could. I also thoroughly enjoy 3D art, and I plan to use my math and art skills to help people in the future. Art has always been an outlet for me just like many other people, and I intend to continue brightening others day with the art I create. My main focus in sculpting is to turn garbage into something that everyone can enjoy.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always been a member of this church ever since I was baptized at the age of 8, but I'm continually being converted. My conversion started when I was 12 and had gotten caught up in the doubt of the world. I would read the scriptures and not understand them, I would be kind to others but not feel the warmth that now comes along with it. When I turned 12 I gained the priesthood, and began to participate in the duties/ responsibilities that followed. I decided that this was my chance to really begin being a member of the church. During lessons I would actively participate and try to gain as much as possible, and during the days I would slow down my scripture reading to try and understand the stories. When I was 14 I began attending seminary in the mornings before school, all 4 years I participated, prayed, and contributed my testimony as much as possible. These things really helped me to be converted, but it was not until I realized that I couldn't be saved unless I used Jesus Christ's Atonement that my conversion really hit. I prayed and asked for forgiveness for years asking for all my sins to be washed away just as they were when I was baptized. Only until recently do I know that all of my sins have been forgiven of me, it is the best confirmation I have ever had in my entire life. I now strive to keep all of my covenants that I have made, and keep them at top priority at all times. I still continually repent each day and partake of the sacrament each week. I can say without a doubt that Heavenly Father loves me, as does his only begotten son Jesus Christ. I love the gospel more than anything in this world, and I know that it is true. The Holy Ghost confirmes this always. I know that if I keep to my end of the deal that I can live with my Father in Heaven again one day. I testify of these things, and say them in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

How I live my faith

I've tried to be a very active member of my church since I was young. I haven't had too many important roles, but I definitely know that every role is important. Many youth in my ward have struggled with their faith, as have I, and I found it very important to make sure that they have a chance to come and participate. By inviting friends and staying very active I was able to become an example in my ward, not exactly what I was expecting at all, but it makes me feel wonderful knowing that I can help lead the way. Becoming the example came from participating, even in things I didn't feel like doing. Most activities did not seem like they would be fun, but they began to get better and better as my perspective changed. I Found that fun can come through any activity no matter how it turns out, it just depends on how I feel. Hometeaching is my absolute favorite thing to participate in, and it is because I get the chance to visit members at their home and become great friends with them as well as sincerely care for them. Scouting has been a great thing for me, I'm now an Eagle Scout. It was a very long program, but being a part of it I gained much knowledge for the future. In the program I had the opportunity to help a young man who was left out because he talks and thinks different than the other boys in his troop. I would hang out with him a few times a week, play games with him, and get to know him as Heavenly Father knows and loves him. A short while later the other boys began to invite him back to the pack, and he has flourished socially and in the scouting program. The scout slogan is "Do a good turn daily", and I have made this my priority each day. Around the school I would help th janitors clean up and move stuff, help my teachers in the classroom or give them a complement, and always be actively searching to help my classmates. Now that I have graduated and moved on I still always aim to do a good turn daily.