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Hi I'm Noelle

I'm a redhead from Seattle, I'm a classically trained concert pianist, a hopeful romantic, I love yoga, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Seattle with my parents and 5 siblings, and have been studying piano since the age of 4. I've competed and performed all my life, and now I'm half-way through my college degree studying piano performance at Brigham Young University in Utah. I have always been very passionate about music and feel a very personal and deep connection to it. Music to me is the sound of pure empathy; it has the beautiful ability to capture and express any emotion perfectly. Besides music I also enjoy yoga, running, rock climbing and hiking (all of which are best done at night, in my opinion. I love the heightened sense of adventure). I also love cooking and baking. When I was very young, I developed an interest in baking, which matured into an interest in French cooking, particularly in Julia Child and her show and cookbooks. Out of that developed my fascination with France and French culture. It's a dream of mine to go there one day, to visit historical monuments and see the breathtaking architecture and countryside for myself. Oh, and I definitely have the sassy attitude expected from a redhead.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was born in the church, I was not born with a personal testimony; no one is. We each have to learn of and come to Christ on our own. In my teenage years I had to learn and decide for myself whether or not I wanted to remain in the church. I went through very difficult and traumatic experiences which were extremely humbling, and I was given a very clear ultimatum: choose to leave the church and persist in my destructive lifestlye, or choose to come unto Christ and repent and change for the better. Thanks to my faithful parents, I was encouraged in my decision to turn my life around, to admit where I had been wrong and to repent, change my life and choose for MYSELF to be an active member of the church. It was not a one-time choice, and for years my life has been a process of healing, changing and growing through Jesus Christ. It hasn't been easy or perfect, but it has been full of peace and tears of joy over victories, large and small. My life is now in complete contrast to who I was years ago as a rebelling and lost teenager. I am a completely different woman, living dreams I once never thought would really come true. I am experience blessings I once never thought I would be worthy of, and happiness I once never even knew I could feel. Having my Savior in my life and having my own personal testimony of Jesus Christ and His infinite Atoning sacrifice has brought me so much unexplainable joy. I couldn't be the woman I am without all He has done for me. Learning about Him and working to develop my own personal relationship with Him has changed me in ways eternally priceless to me. It scares me to think about who I would be without the gospel.

How I live my faith

I have attended church every Sunday for all of my life. Before college I always went with my family, and in college I continue to choose to attend every Sunday. I could never skip church because I definitely need the strength, comfort and peace that comes from being there and from partaking in the ordinance of the sacrament. As a student I have had various callings in my ward, and I've enjoyed and learned from each of them. My favorite so far has been as music chairman, where it was my responsibility to organize ward choir, ward musical numbers and making sure we had a pianist and chorister for sacrament meeting each week. The friends I have met and made in the church are absolutely priceless to me, and the environment of a ward family is unmatched in the peace, happiness and love I always feel.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

I personally believe and have never doubted that God has provided a way for a husband and wife to be married for all eternity. Love is infinite and eternal and godly, and it is a privilege and a blessing beyond measure our God has given us to be able to be sealed to our spouse for eternity. God wants us to one day experience all the joys of eternity that He does, and an eternal marriage beginning here during mortality is only one of the infinite blessings He gives to those who are faithful. Show more Show less