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Hi I'm Camilla

I dance in the bathroom. I sing in the car. I prefer ice cream over everything edible. I'm into adventuring. Heck yeah I'm Mormon!

About Me

I've lived all along the California coast and studied abroad in London. I consider Yogurtland a meal. Taylor Swift is my jam. Sunrises and sunsets are my jelly. I graduated with a bachelor of arts in Communication Studies and minored in Theatre Arts. I just might be wayyy too excited about life!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church, but honestly, I didn't grow up truly believing in it. Growing up I only went to church every once in a while. My parents divorced after I finished preschool, and my dad was the one to take us to church - only when we felt like it. As time continued, we started to feel out of place. Little by little we were drifting from the commandments and standards we were encouraged to live. I remember going to buy donuts one superbowl sunday - and never looking back. We had become inactive. And I was just fine with it. Looking back, I could see God's loving hand in my life. Little by little, He was helping me along the way to come back to Him. The commandments He had, I barely cared about them at all. I was living my life, and I was happy doing it. But for some reason, I kept most of the standards of the church. Back then it was "to be different". I didn't drink, stayed away from drugs, and kept my language clean. I didn't quite understand why I was so compelled to do so, but I did. My freshman year of college was amazing! The transition to university was rough, but it was fun and I loved it fiercely! After the new year, I started to feel a tug and a pull.. Suddenly I didn't want to do a lot of the things I was wanting to do before. I felt a pull to do more, and I knew that thing I was lacking would make me happy. That spring break, I spent with my dad. He and his family, to my surprise, were going to church again. It was there I was invited to an activity for people my age, and there I realized I could have friends in the church - I never had friends growing up. A life-changing experience in a summer class and a shooting star at a camping trip later, I found myself cannonballing back into church. It was new. And terrifying. But listen - there was, and is, nothing more wholesome, delicious and satisfying to my soul than the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm Mormon. There is no other way I would ever choose to live my life.

How I live my faith

We need CPR to stay alive - Church, Prayer, Reading. But every single day, I try to do more because that's how we grow. The hard part is applying the principles I learn into my real everyday life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is designed to be our foundation. And if we allow it to, it weaves its way into every sinew and fiber of our soul - everything from talking to people at work to making my bed is done while relying on the atonement of Jesus Christ. If I notice someone is having a difficult time, even if we are in a work setting I will do what the Savior commands and "comfort those who stand in need of comfort". If I'm particularly lazy and making my bed is too hard, I'll think of the Savior and how His daily tasks were harder than pulling up some bed covers - that usually gets me motivated. The easier things like what I mentioned seem like common sense. If someone is sad, be there for them. If you don't want to do something that can actually help you, just do it. But what about the times when the circumstances we are given are unbearable? What about when you can't stand it anymore? What if your heart is absolutely shattered to a million pieces and you have no hope of ever being able to pick up after your own mess? That's when I need my Savior the most, because He knows. He knows everything. He knows exactly how I feel, He is with me when everything happens. He literally felt the pain in my heart in His own heart, and if I allow Him, He will glue my heart together, piece by piece. And by the time He's done, it's better and stronger than it ever was before! I sincerely love this Gospel. It's truer than anything - I know it, I live it, I love it! I live my faith by relying on the atonement of Jesus Christ in my everyday journey to becoming my better self. I have all the intentions of laughing at things that are funny, crying when I'm broken, loving fiercely those who cross my path and eating as much as I can. I live a pretty normal life, and it's SO wonderful!