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Hi I'm Kason B. Mills

I'm a Mormon, I am the biggest nerd to ever nerd. I unceasingly tell jokes and spout of random facts. I also love to sing.

About Me

I am a nerd in all things that involves the typical nerdy things. I am smart and love to show it off by debating with people about some of the most mundane and unimportant topics. Another off shoot of my nerdiness is that I am a choir nerd. I love all things choir and singing in general. My taste in music is very different from the norm where I enjoy songs that tell a story, or that emulate an emotion, basically songs that were created without the pop four standard chords that talk about the high life of being rich or a poorly understood love story. I enjoy styles like rock and roll, Jazz, and gospel music to tall others because they tend to have a complexity or depth that modern music just can't recreate. I have also created an interesting dynamic because even though I don't tend to say a lot or sometimes anything I am the loudest person in the room most of the time. This is irony on many levels. In my future career I plan to become a staticitican because it is a job that I can go to everyday that will challenge by intellect and push me to become smarter and better.

Why I am a Mormon

Yes it is true that I grew up in the church but it is more then it is all that I have known. In my early teenage years I started to question and doubt some of the teachings of the church and why I should keep attending the meetings. Like any good scientist I had a question that I wanted answers for and I started to investigate. The best possible source I could think of... the Book of Mormon. So I started to read the book and I even kept those questions in my mind hoping to find the answer. My search didn't stop there though, I still even though I had my own problems with the doctrine, went to church. Why in my right mind would I totally waste a great resource that was offered to me week after week. Over time and with a lot of reading the Book of Mormon, I got some of my questions answered... but not all. The feeling that I could not shake is that even though I still had concerns this is where I should be learning about not only myself but the nature of God.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? By putting it right on my sleeve. I have always known that my life is interconnected to the people around me. Many of which are so curious about the joy I have because of my relgion. no one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care. I care about others and what struggles mind cross their path, but all that matters is how they got through them. My faith has gotten me through many things most people couldn't even imagine happening to them but I did it and I am nice and kind even when it would be easier to be hateful or mean. My religion promotes many good things and I will continue to stand with them helping with what I know to be true.