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Hi I'm Kelton

Im from southern Utah, I like mormon related memes, I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in the church just like my daddy was yo I'm pioneer stock, my grandpa crossed the plains in the snow, I got my eagle scout at 12 with some assistance from my mom, I was home before 9:30 when I went to the prom, I'm gonna sit in a pew and praise the Lord with a hymn amen woaaah woaaah I'm hyperactive yo i even got the keys to the gym la la la la re d's Imma diddly wack Mack Mormon daddy yo my peeps all be conformin cause it's cool to be a Mormon I'm a black jack saint on a crack daddy-o Imma a fiddly wack Mack Mormon daddy I'm spiritual. If a girly wants to pursue me, do me I say no girl not with you me I'll be waitin for my baby dressed in white, not beige, i dont need no procreation, aint no form of recreation, and my testimony keeps me warm at night, so flippin warm, imma diddly wack mack mormon daddy, yo my peeps all be conformin cause its cool to be a mormon im a black jack saint on a crack daddy-o la dadada im a diddly wack mack mormon daddy im im spiritual, would all those in favor please make it manifest, imma diddly wack mack mormon daddy! people tell me, thats funny to give a tenth of all your money, but i do it with no regret cause of all the blessings that i get, i aint stupid or lazy, i read my scriptures like crazy, i dont smoke or drink or cheat i spend 2 years on my feet, thats more valuable to me than any prize, preachin love and peace with other well dressed guys, so many people let theyre spirits get persuaded by the devil but i say get thee hence

Why I am a Mormon

Because its true, I dont see how It cant be, Ive prayed and Ive received confirmation, and if you want to contest me on that, COME AT ME BRO

How I live my faith

well, where do i begin, so there was this one time where someone came up to me and said "Kelton, what is that you are eating?" I replied "a doughnut." and later that day i went to church with that person, It was my sister, who is already a baptized active member, but still, I brought her to church cause my parents were sick so I had to drive. Another time someone was baptized, had nothing to do with anything I did, but still, they were baptized. Oh yeah Im also serving a mission right now, I guess thats a way to live my faith

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon Women are so hot. thats what they are like, but as far as equality goes its pretty equal, some people look at the church and go "hey theres no women in leadership, thats bad." but just like the old saying goes "behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." though at a glance it may look like this church is run my males, it isnt that way at all. I have so many women in the church to thank for who i am today, my mother, without her i wouldnt be half the crazy guy i am today, if you think that men alone run this church I challenge you to go find a mormon woman and tell her that she has no important role in her church, youll never hear the end of it. beleive me, my mom can talk for HOURS. but yeah my overall view of Mormon women, powerful, beautiful daughters of God that are a force to be reckoned with. Show more Show less