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Hi I'm Gena

I grew up in California, married, had 2 daughters, in my late 20's went back to school & became a Registered Nurse. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

One unusual thing about me is that my parents received a telegram saying I was born. Adoption arrangements were made before I was born, but my adoptive parents were in another state, where my dad was stationed in the Air Force. They were very good to me. As an only child I had fun with my many cousins and friends, and enjoyed our cats, dogs and parakeets, too. I loved school, reading & even writing were special hobbies. In high school I became engaged to a special young man & we were married after he returned from a church mission. We had two wonderful daughters. Some favorite things we did were singing together on trips, playing and splashing each other in the irrigation water, and Native Indian students who stayed with us at times. We even raised chickens, rabbits and a family garden. I started going to college after my girls were in school, becoming a Registered Nurse. I worked part & full time for 30+ years, caring for adults & the elderly before retiring. Like most families, we've had our ups & downs, disagreements, moving, starting over in new places, job losses, health issues including cancer, injuries, etc. Life has not been boring! Then after over 50 great years, my husband passed on. Now I have 7 grandchildren and 5 great-grands I love spending time with. As I widow, I still love helping others and keeping busy with gardening, sewing, family history, community and church service. Some widow friends & I like to go to plays, movies & out to eat together when we can.

Why I am a Mormon

I had learned about Jesus, His gospel & that I was a child of God, but took it & my baptism for granted. My grandmother was my main source of support and example. When I was about 14 she gave me a book called "Jesus the Christ," encouraging me to read it. I started reading out of curiosity, but still felt I knew enough. As I kept reading, I learned more & more. I began to pray to understand who Jesus really was & why He came to earth. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. Talking with Grandma helped, too, as she answered questions. I began to take His teachings more seriously, which began a period of searching & praying, in the scriptures, church books, & most of all in my heart. I started really paying attention to what was said at church. I began to work through past problems like my grandfather's death when I was 12, then my mom's divorce & having to move often, which had left me confused and unhappy. As I worked at being more like Jesus, I started feel better about myself & to make more friends. In high school I started seminary, a morning church class before school that helped me learn more & start the day off right. As I prayed, the Lord confirmed the truth of the Gospel and Book of Mormon to me. I understood Jesus died for our sins, that we could be forgiven if we had faith in Him & kept His commandments. He knows us, all our weaknesses, thoughts & sins, but loves us anyway. As the Son of God, Creator of the world, & through His complete obedience & sacrifice for us, He became our Savior, our Redeemer, so we can live again, and return to heaven to be with Them. Later, learning about eternal families & temple covenants (2 way promises w/God), I knew how fully God's plan blesses His children eternally. I have a full testimony of Jesus Christ & the plan of salvation. I know we lived in heaven as God's sons & daughters before we came here to learn. His is "the way, the truth and the life," the only way we can return home, if we will follow & obey.

How I live my faith

One of the main things that has helped me through troubled times and worries has been my faith in Jesus Christ. When things are hard, I know He is there to help, guide and comfort us. I know I can go to Him in prayer no matter what the circumstances, and He will listen and answer what is best. Going to church and serving the Lord became a major part of our lives. Teaching the children's classes was especially fun & satisfying. Watching them learn and grow is so rewarding. I have served in many positions with adults and the youth, too, even going to girls camp as the "Nursey" for three years with my girls. The campers all survived, even the multiple bee stings, various "flu' episodes, sunburns,falls and sprains. We loved the activities, skits, cooking, singing and learning about faith and love. Over the years I have been secretary in children's, youth and adult organizations, I've lead music in church, given talks, sung in the choir, helped clean the church building, taught 1st aid skills & making 1st aid kits, worked in friendship kitchens & taken meals for the homeless warming center. I was also compassionate service leader, helping coordinate help for the sick, funerals, meals, getting people the doctor, helping families packing, clean-up & move, or new ones to move in. I love visiting other sisters in the ward as assigned, so all were contacted & needs met, sharing love & friendship, taking cookies, bread and meals to neighbors, helping them when needed, helping at the food bank & thrift stores. I've also been on the receiving end, especially during my husbands long illness & after he died Just living the basics of Christ's teachings: love, caring, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, service, sharing, being true and faithful, treating others as we would be treated makes such a difference in life. It helps me feel better knowing this way I am less likely to hurt or offend others, and that I can help make their lives easier and better if I follow the Lord's plan.

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Abortion is opposed by the Church. which counsels members to neither have an abortion nor to perform one, unless the life or good health of the mother is seriously endangered in the opinion of competent medical advice, or if serious emotional trauma would be caused the mother due to pregnancy caused by rape, and even then only after local priesthood counseling, prayer, and divine confirmation. An unborn child is sent from Heavenly Father to be born and live on this earth. I was such a child. If abortion had been readily available before I was born it is very possible that my natural mother would have had one, instead of leaving her home and traveling to another city to have her child, then give me up for adoption. If that had happened I would not have been born into my adopted family or had a life at all. My natural mother might also have been traumatized for having killed her baby, and possibly even been physically impaired. I am forever grateful to her for my life. I currently have 14 descendants who would not have been born either, with others yet to be born. It is horrible to think of all the lives lost through abortion. Show more Show less