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Hi I'm Kaemon Leonard Cole

Born in California, but raised in Malaysia, I've come to love the jungle, and love the hike through the wilderness of life.

About Me

I was born in California, and lived there for a number of years, before moving to Malaysia due to my father's work, where I grew up and lived much of my life. From the very beginning, I loved the outdoors. In the early years, as a young child, I along with my two brothers had two acres of dry land and an old rusty shovel. We'd set out, and with our trusty rusty shovel, we'd envision cities laid out before us and set out to make them. We'd build roads, houses, and dig rivers through the middle, picturing them as majestic causeways lined with trees. Fast forward five years, and I was in the middle of the Boy Scout program and loving almost every bit of it (Paperwork was the spoilsport, of course). I loved the camp outs, the tight knittedness of the small troop, and the chance to experience the vibrant wilderness. I was also involved in learning Taekwondo, from a strict but understanding master. On top of that, I found myself a bookworm, unable to go anywhere without a good read to browse through. A few years later, and I'd graduated from the school there, achieved my second dan in Taekwondo, as well as successfully obtaining my Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. Which leads me to the present. Now, I eagerly prepare to serve a mission, having already received my call, and simply counting down the days until I ship off to the MTC.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, to two caring parents that had been converted separately. They met each other in the MTC, and subsequently sent each other letters. After serving their missions, they were married together. My family as I know it, with four other siblings, would not have been possible were it not for the proselyting of the Book of Mormon by a devoted young man, and an equally devoted young woman. But as I grew up in the Church, being baptized at eight years of age, I found myself reaching into my teenage years with questions. Like many others before me, and most especially when times grew hard, I asked myself what was my purpose here on Earth, where was I headed, and what was the purpose of it all? For years, I'd been taught from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and I assured myself that I knew them cover to cover. I'd been taught the answers to those questions for years, but yet it didn't quite penetrate my stubborn skull. Perhaps a sliver of me always knew that the answers were in there, but in all the 'wisdom' of my younger self, I decided to put off reading them for a full year. As I struggled more and more in my life, I found myself in my room one evening. A whole bookshelf of distractions vied for my attention, but there was one solitary book on that shelf which grabbed my interest that night. A Book of Mormon I'd received earlier that week from the missionaries of the branch, told to give it to any of my friends I found in need. I know that it was the Holy Ghost which prompted me that evening to open up that Book of Mormon, and to read through some of the pages they'd marked for a potential investigator. After reading a few chapters, I felt prompted to get on my knees and pray. That night, I prayed asking for a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and even a testimony of Heavenly Father himself, to know if he was truly there and if there really was a plan. I got a beautiful answer that night, and that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Each week, on the seventh day, I serve as one of the few priesthood holders in a small, friendly branch. This means that I perform the duties of a priest, so as it comes time to partake of the sacrament, I bless the bread and water in one of the Church's sacred ordinances. Following the sacrament meeting, I sometimes fill in for teachers that may be absent, teaching lessons to youth or primary children. As that day at church progresses into the third hour, I may be called on to teach, conduct the beginning of meetings, or to carry on with Missionary Preparation lessons as I ready myself to soon go on a mission. But that is only one day of the week. To 'clock out' for the rest of the week and deprive ourselves of strengthening our testimonies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is a path that can only lead to sorrow. So each day, it is my privilege to have the opportunity to read the scriptures, be it the Bible or the Book of Mormon, and to pray fervently in gratitude, for guidance and reassurance, or for forgiveness of sins. Sometimes, I can have the opportunity to serve, by helping out the branch's missionaries, or attending an activity that could be a service project, a chance to strengthen my faith, or just the simple gathering of the family one finds in the Church. It is impossible to be perfect, and sometimes I make mistakes, or I judge others when they make theirs, but so long as we do our part, and repent for what we've done, we can be forgiven and move on in the direction that Heavenly Father would have us go. That is how I live my faith.