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Hi I'm Joshua Smith Howard

I was born and raised in mormon central Utah. I've been called to serve in the Porto Portugal mission!

About Me

I staying active in almost everything I do. I believe in keeping a steady healthy workout routine. Some of my hobbies are basketball, ultimate frisbee, and hanging with friends. I like working with my hands and hope to someday do some blacksmithing as a hobby, along with other things like woodworking, car work, and being a handy man that can take care of most things on his own.

Why I am a Mormon

I have chosen to be a member of this church because it is the true church. I have come to know this by my years of growing in it. I didn't always have such a firm testimony. It started back when I was in primary/Sunday school and I realized that I didn't fully understand or know about the stories the kids/teacher was talking and I felt like I should. So I decided to get to know them. I opened up our book precious Book of Mormon and began to read the testimonies of the witnesses and of Joseph Smith. Until that point I had never felt the Spirit so strongly. It was a turning point in my life, one that I know my Heavenly Father put there to change my life, because if it didn't happen, I can tell you I might be in a gutter somewhere hating life. I also know that this church is true because how it has helped me and has made me so indebted to my Savior. I have had my fair share of struggles in my life and I won't lie there are much worse out there, but my struggle was an addiction. I hated my addiction and knew how it affected me horribly in all aspects of my life. I tried to stop it multiple times but failed with each attempt. I did't know what to do. I began to give up on ever overcoming my addiction. Then I realized how I needed to stop it, how I refused to live the life I was going to live if I continued. My only problem is that wasn't enough. So I prayed asking what should I do, I don't know how to overcome this. Then I received an answer. I was told I needed to make overcoming this my highest priority. this had to be put above all else. I also learned that the best weapon to attack this addiction, rather than just not doing it, was those little things of daily, CONSISTANT, prayer, scripture study. Staying away from the things that let me come to close, even if they seemed harmless. I learned that I had to put my faith in Christ and do what he asked, and even though I didn't fully understand, I slowly learned too. through Christ I am winning, and I owe him everything.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith in a way that would please the Lord. I figure why should I try to push the envelope with what I can get away with, and instead try to live as good a life I can where I live the Lord's commandments because all the Lord truly requires is for us to truly give our best in doing His will and through His strength we shall prevail so then when the judgement comes we shall hear "well done thou good and faithful servant" and we shall enter into His rest. How I specifically live my faith day to day and week to week would probably start with the simplest yet perhaps some of the most important parts which are prayer and daily scripture study. I do the normal three prayers and more. Pretty much whenever I feel the need. Also the reading of scriptures brings the Spirit into my life strongly and really helps me have a good day. I also go to church weekly and partake of the Sacrament which is very important to renew covenants and be cleansed of sin. I also serve in two callings. I am a primary teacher where I teach the wonderful kids of the ages of 7-8. Baptism age. I also am the deacon's quorum assistant helping with the 12-13 year olds. I only go to the activities outside of the normal church block since I am teaching in primary at that time. I love both of my callings and have received some of the best blessings of my life from them and am so eternally grateful for how they have changed my life. Specifically for how I've been guided to help the young men in the deacon's quorum and how in the leadership I have grown so much, perhaps even more than the boys. I also go to the temple on a regular weekly basis. You don't have to go that often but I have made the time in my schedule so I do. One of the most important things I do is to just heed the Spirit which I have come to know, and to follow the commandments as it applies to my life so that no matter where I go I am striving to follow Jesus. A key part as well is consistency and enduring to the end.