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Hi I'm Daniel Isaac Dalton

I grew up in Bentonville. I helped people to recover from natural disasters. I'm a Mormon."

About Me

I have been going to college, and I plan to resume my education after I return from my mission. I always have an urge to settle my curiosity when something unfamiliar is brought up. I do like to study zoology; I love to study reptiles most of all. This may be why I like living in the country side, so much. It may be very quiet, and yet it is full of life. I love to draw manga, or as most people like to keep calling it, "anime." This kind of art is what got me a lot of attention during my high school days. I am also a huge gamer. I love playing video games ever since I first tried the NES. But I love playing video games more when I am either participating in a story, like it was a movie, or when I am playing it with my friends. I also like music, but I really admire the songs that have really good meaning, not just noise. Songs are very much like poetry adapted into music. And poetry has its roots from life's experiences. I like the songs that share the virtue and happiness of life, not pleasure.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because I was born into the religion. I am a Mormon because I researched other religions and could only find small truths. By the way, I'm not saying all other Christian religions have small truths. I am a Mormon because I receive revelation from the Book of Mormon as well as from the Holy Bible. They are both testaments of Lord Jesus Christ. They are the religious history of people in the East and West hemispheres. I am a Mormon because I choose to stay being one. I do testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of God and He has restored His gospel unto us all through His messengers, the prophets. The blessings that have been promised to me are being fulfilled, and more will be given even unto others. Why? Because we are all siblings to the same God. God sends His servants unto us so that we may stand as witnesses and messengers for Him. God answers our prayers when we listen to His word. And God promises us great happiness as long as we keep Satan out of our lives and grow stronger. Satan is nothing more than a merit of misery and wants all to face misery with him. He hates God because He shares His power with those who wish to serve, not to dominate. And to show that God is wrong to share His power and believing in free agency, Satan will inspire many to only seek pleasure and satisfy their wants. Satan wants to bring as many as he can down with him to prove that humans should not have freedom. We must prove that he is wrong. We will show him that we can choose the right decisions. We will return to our Heavenly Father, as long as we obey His commandments. I do testify that the Scriptures are true and that we have a living prophet in our days. I am also grateful for what Jesus Christ had done for us and continues to aid us.

How I live my faith

I live my faith as strong as I could make it; I live the law of Chasity, the Word of Wisdom, and obey the Ten Commandments. Whenever I am called to serve in service projects, which are hosted by my Church, I come to help whenever I am available. I also try to do more hometeaching with my companion whenever he is available. I really want to visit more than one family per month. But so far I haven't. But I'm not stopping. My partner and I have to know what our families need and how can we help. I do not organize any church activities, because I really do not have that responsibility. However, I am a Sunday teacher for the youth. I have not heard from most of my students in person, but their parents and siblings do express to me how proud they are proud to be a part of my class. Even one student of mine said to me that I am like an older brother to him. He is a good kid. And he is improving his faith, as well. I do indeed thank Heavenly Father for granting us such blessings.