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Hi I'm Joe

I grew up in Virginia and recently moved to California. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I just graduated from Osbourn Park high school and I will be attending the college, BYU, after I serve my mission. I was called to India, Bangalore and I'm so excited to go there. I have five siblings, one of whom is my twin sister. I love running and playing games and I've been an active church and boy scout member since as long as I can remember.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I love Jesus Christ and God and I know they love me. Being Mormon has presented me with best friends, a loving family, and another home. I feel the spirit strongly and it brings me peace and comfort in times of challenge. Being Mormon allows me to thrive in this world. When I was younger I questioned the church and if it was really true, I found myself doubting and getting angry at the standards I was told to up live. Upon farther reflection and prayer, I found my answer. It was late at night, around one AM, and I couldn't sleep. I was in my room and I had just prayed to Heavenly Father. I was frustrated and angry and Heavenly Father. I felt he didn't answer me prayers and that I was being told to hold myself to an impossible standard. I started to cry and I remember yelling at Heavenly Father. I yelled that he didn't care and he didn't love me, and that if he did he would answer me. I remember feeling so angry and so hopeless and lost. I grabbed my pillow and put my face in and started to balls my eyes out. I felt truly alone and felt a sadness like none other. It was at that moment I heard trumpets. I didn't recognize it at first, but it was my Dad's ringtone. He had sent me a message. My Dad had recently started a job in New York, but my family decided not to move for my sister and I's senior year. We stayed back in Virginia. My Dad would go to New York every week and come back every other week on weekends. I knew sleep was precious to him and that he didn't get very much. He had sent me a message saying that he couldn't sleep, but he felt that he should let me know that he loved me very much. It was at this moment that I knew Heavenly Father answered me prayer through the loving Father he placed in my life. This experience has been a source of strength in times of hardship. I testify that God loves us all, and being Mormon has allowed me to receive so many blessings and give back to God. I love God and I know he loves me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a good example. I've had many calls through my years in the church. I was active within my quorum and I developed many lifelong friend within the church and they've been a source of strength for me. It can be hard to live the gospel. In today's generation, more and more bad activities are being viewed as good. It is hard to stand for what you believe in such opposition. One way I've learned to stand strong and show my faith is by following the standards and being the best me I can be. When you become a Mormon, you become a disciple of Jesus Christ. You represent him. Representing him doesn't mean you can't goof around or have fun, but that in the situations where our faith is tested, you always choose the right. Others would tempt us and make us think that not righteous things are righteous. I'm here to tell you that a simple no, or simply doing what you feel is the right thing is enough. Its hard to not give in, but the blessings one can receive will most definitely be worth it. I live by my example and doing what I think Heavenly Father would have me do. Of course I screw up from time to time, but we have endless opportunities to get back up. It makes me happy and proud when I live the way I know I should be living.