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Hi I'm Heather

I grew up in Utah. I moved to Livingston, Montana for ten years. I am a writer. I have thirteen siblings. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My life is full of ups and downs, fun times and down times. I was born as the 8th of ten siblings, and four step siblings. Living in a house like that grew on me, so after many years of seeing people move out can get kind of lonely. We've had some touching moments together, which made moving away from Utah hard on me. In Livingston Montana, there were winters of negative twenty with wind chill (the wind is ALWAYS blowing there), and ten foot drifts on the road and driveways. I don't mind the cold at all; I find it as a challenge, which is why my Mission to Michigan wasn't that much of a problem. I have been a writer for most of my life, starting as journals and ending as emotionally touching stories based on events from my own life. I am an artist, as all of my family is; I always strive to make as realistic as possible. I also love games of every kind, even video games. They are calming to me, and make my mind feel relaxed and complacent. I own a snake, named Kob, which keeps me company in my small apartment. Snakes really are misunderstood creatures. I work at an electronic store, which goes to show that even as a girl, I love everything techy and new. As far as my life goes, I am mostly easy-going, so it is hard to tell if I am stressed. I love new activities and challenges that have a clear and definite answer. All in all, I am a good person who loves doing good. I love people, I love mankind. I hope for many many good things to happen for the bettering of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

There was a time, moving from Utah to Montana, where I felt that I wasn't myself, being inactive in the church. I was nine when I was pulled from it, and confused as my mother went inactive and started drinking and going against the words of the church. While I was separate from the Mormon life, I got to see the difference in life people live without it. The stresses people have are not any more or less than normal; they are just different than those of the LDS church. I realized that living as a Mormon was just as strange to outsiders as they were to me. I didn't know it was acceptable for many things outside of my religion until I was nearly in high school. In both cases, I wanted to learn more, be more, and have more of the church in my life while keeping in mind how I am perceived by the world. I am no different from anyone else; the church holds a kind of security, knowledge and warmth that nothing else on this earth can give. Once I returned to Utah, I could sense a difference between my happiness in Montana and the true life-giving happiness of Utah, where stresses were different, but not so crippling. I am so happy for the church in my life, because it has opened doors to me I didn't even realize where there. There is a truth to the Mormon 'Word of Wisdom' which protects people against the harmful affects of drugs, chemicals and substances that would be 'unwise' to ingest into our bodies. I already have enough problems as it is without the affects of these substances and know why it helps to keep people safe. I am also glad for the scriptures, where I can read and witness all of the works of previous generations that hold truth as being documented records as well as spiritual and sacred texts which can help save and improve your life. I have faith in the church of Jesus Christ because I have had to learn all of this on my own, without my parents leading me forward. I have found my faith on my own, and know that it is undoubtedly true and a spectacular peace.

How I live my faith

Every Sunday is dedicated to feeling this serene calming knowledge of the Holy Ghost. I believe that it has led me out of danger, and into the light of knowledge, in many instances. On Sunday, many of my co-workers feel that I am simply using that day as a day off, as it is the hardest shifts to work, but that is not so. I know that Sunday is dedicated to the work of the Lord, and many times, it is even harder than that of my ordinary job. I do not have a calling, but am expected to participate in vital parts in church, and know that, without me, where would be a gaping hole in the room. I know how important it is, if you miss a Sunday, it will be as though a puzzle is missing a piece. Everyone needs to play a part. This also includes visiting people who need help, serving those who are struggling to serve and giving much of what you do not need. You never know who will need help and why you are needed. I live my faith to serve, just as Jesus Christ did. If there are people struggling to know why Jesus Christ is so important, know that, when you have an injury, you can sympathize with those who have had the same injury; they may seem closer to you, because they understand the same pains. Jesus Christ is the ultimate form of sympathy and understanding, where he has felt all suffering; because of this, his mercy and love overflows because of his want to ease your suffering, as you would want to ease the pains of others who have felt the same as you. With this knowledge, I LIVE MY FAITH. I serve because I know the struggles of money, time, stress and loss. I know those feelings, so look earnestly for those who are also suffering the same. I strive to help those who are lost so that they can find their way back again, and how to learn to have sympathy for others, for sympathy and charity are the true forms of goodness. As I live this, people seem to think I am 'too nice', but how can I not be? Even when the world is coming down, I know that others have felt the same.

What is faith?

Faith is feeling that what you hope for is true without any doubt. Doubt clouds the mind, as it is hard to be certain of things when nothing is entirely known. Because of doubt, faith must be earned over time, and faith is often rewarded with answers and knowledge that is nursed inside of you. Many people ask why I can believe something that is so unfeasible; what makes faith so precious is that it was once doubted, and steadily learned to be true. How was a computer built into what it is today? It takes time to construct something so complex as faith, where, with faith, the world seems to work in different ways, and miracles can be preformed where the odds cannot explain. To see this world how it is, there is no way a complex creature such as a human could not have been created without the help of a loving, and kind God. As impossible as it seems, its true, and nothing can change that. It is the same as saying we were all born in the night time, having none of us see the sun; we have read about the sun, wondered about it, and had faith that it is there. Yet, there is no sign of it to be seen until daybreak. Faith is knowing that the day will come when the sun will rise over the earth again. The Son of God will return, and light the night. It is easy to believe things can continue the same way forever, but as the season change, and day turns to night, life finds a way to make sense of the world and God at the same time. Have faith. Believe that there is meaning to this world. Show more Show less