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Hi I'm Kathryn Colvin

I was born in the western part of the United States. I teach kindergarten. I am an advocate for children. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom to five grown children and nine grandchildren. I have a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and have taught school, on the university level and in the public school system for over 24 years. I took several years off to raise my own kiddos. I was a PTA volunteer and advocate for children for almost 21 years. I have been a lobbyist to the state legislature on behalf of children. I have worked with many school districts and superintendents to help improve the education of the children. I love to hold babies, play with children of all ages, and travel with my family. I do daily physical exercise, love to read, hike and sit on quiet beaches. I play the piano and sing...and have helped my children gain a love for music and the power it has in our lives. I have helped them to learn of the value of education and that service to others is paramount, using the talents and skills they have acquired. I hope I have helped them to love others and to be kind....to serve others every day. They have been remarkable in doing this. It is a joy to be their mom.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to a Mormon mom and Mormon dad. All my older brothers and sisters were Mormons. I was raised in that faith. But I was blessed to have many general Presidency leaders for the Mormon church come to my home every 4 months as I grew up. They taught me about faith in a higher power.....and always bore strong testimonies about how they KNEW that Jesus lived and that He directed the proceedings of this church. My parents prayed with us each day. They taught us about God and Jesus Christ. They taught us to help others whenever we saw their needs or were inspired to help them. They taught us of Eternal families. I was 14-15 and decided that maybe I was too cool to be so "churchy". I had been wondering for several weeks if what I had been taught (since a baby) was really true. I was going through a period of questioning. I talked a lot to myself and to Heavenly Father. One day in the hot summer I had left my church meetings and was sitting in the family car, just outside the building. (Pretty dumb to be in a sweltering car!) I had not told any of my siblings about my questions or concerns. I had not mentioned any of my thoughts to my parents. I just sat there, saying out loud, all those questions. "Is it true?" "Did Joseph Smith really see Jesus and Heavenly Father?" And if so, "Did he really restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" As I spoke the words, the side door of the car opened. Someone climbed in beside me. It was my older brother (by 7 years). He was a neat brother...the high school quarterback, all-around jock. He was quiet...just sat there. I could not imagine what had brought him out into the heat. Finally he said, "Little sister, I want you to know that the Gospel is true...that all of it is true." With those words still hanging in the air, he smiled and got out of the car. This simple testimony caused me to want to know the truth. I studied. I prayed with real intent and I learned by the Spirit. It is TRUE.

How I live my faith

I live in a town ....nestled next to the Wasatch Mountain Range. I am a member of a ward of the LDS Church. I go to church every Sunday, for three hours. I visit teach some of the ladies in my neighborhood....to share spiritual thoughts, check to see if they need help of any kind, and to share fun gifts for the different seasons. In short, I am their friend....who they can call on anytime they need anything. I teach the women of the ward every few weeks....on spiritual and doctrinal topics. These meetings occur on Sundays. I also am the chorister for the congregational singing in our weekly Sacrament meetings. And anytime a teacher in the other organizations needs a substitute, I usually step in to teach their classes. This has happened for classes of children ages 1 ½-3, to those of ages 4-18, in their respective classes. I read the scriptures every day. I love them! I help make quilts and packets for educational and hygiene use. These are sent all over the world for the use of God's children whenever they need them. I serve as a worker in one of the temples every Saturday. It has been a joy to volunteer there. My parents showed me how to serve others, as Jesus did. I guess I cannot get it out of my blood.