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Hi I'm Josh

I live in Colorado. I am serving a two year mission for my church starting in lat May of 2017. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm eighteen years old, at times I act like a five-year old, and I have the tastes of an old man. I love listening to music, ranging from Broadway musicals to classic rock. I have tried to play music and lack the talent to do it well; but that doesn't stop me from attempting some riffs on the guitar now and then. Hiking and running are two of my favorite things to do, but only if I'm doing them with friends. I love the outdoors, in particular seeing the variety of all the beautiful things that God has created. I'm not big into arts-and-crafts, but I do like woodworking, it's one of the few things that I do well. I'm always trying to be become better, even if at times that means becoming better at relaxing.

Why I am a Mormon

Originally, I was a Mormon because I was born into it. I lived my faith how I was supposed to, building a foundation for myself that eventually led to the establishing of why I am a Mormon now. I had a period of time where I wasn't doing what I should have been doing, making decisions that I now know to have been mistakes. It got to the point where I had lost every connection to my faith besides the physical act of attending church. At first I failed to notice a difference between the different lifestyles, but as time wore on I began to develop some nasty emotional symptoms. I came to hate myself and to hate others, I felt that there was little or no worth in life, and I began to feel very alone in a seemingly hostile world. As I stood staring into the despair of the life I made made for myself one thing never left me, the small foundation of my faith that I had built in my early childhood. I remembered the hope that my small foundation had been prepared for. I wanted nothing more than hope, and so I began to reexamine that foundation, to learn how to build it further than I had. And once I had done so, I saw the potential of that little foundation and began to build like I never had before. I was no longer building because my parents expected me to, but I was building because I wanted to. That foundation that this religion has blessed me with is why I am a Mormon. I saw my life turn around, no longer was I subject to those damaging emotions, no longer was I hopeless. This religion has given me purpose and joy, and its message of sharing that which I was given is one I cannot help but follow. My challenges have brought me to a knowledge of God's plan for his children, to the knowledge of a loving Savior in Jesus Christ, and to a knowledge of how I can return to God again. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try my best to lift others up and to show them the joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When it comes to those who are not LDS, I try to do this through smiling and serving. I like people to know that I have hope and joy in a religion that most people consider to be restraining and demanding. The message of my smile is one of the success of the gospel in my life, and the promise of its blessings in the lives of others. Serving provides the opportunity to show others that I really do follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Service is a way strengthen others and show them that God truly does care for them. Through volunteer work in building playgrounds and assisting the homeless, or simple everyday acts of carrying someone's groceries and preparing a meal for a family, I can be a representative and manifestation of God's love for his children. A message like that is one that everyone can understand, and one that I find easy to share. For those who are members of my faith, I do my best to support the growth of their joy in the gospel. When I'm placed in a position of leadership among other members I find it important to create a healthy and welcoming environment for them, so that they can be safe as they grow in their belief and joy. When those around me have questions I do my best to answer, as well as help them understand how I arrived at my answer. If I can help others understand the works of God, I can help them understand the joy in He wishes us to feel; and through this they can come to know of the joy for themselves.